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 The Richest Man in South Sudan

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PostSubject: The Richest Man in South Sudan   Tue Jun 09, 2009 11:16 am

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P.W. Dak

"The richest man in South Sudan is Garang Deng Aguer from Northern Bahr El Ghazal State, that is to say from Aweil. Garang according to his curriculum vitae was the leader of South Sudan business chamber under the SPLA liberated areas before he defected to the government. During his defection Garang was believed to have stolen the money and that was the reason leading to his defection to government side for sanctuary.

It is also believed that Garang Deng Aguer is not alone in this Business. The business is a cooperative or partnership with Garang put as the sole runner of the partnership. There are number of people in that business including the son of the former minister of finance as the second shareholder and former Pastor of Episcopal Church of the Sudan, Rev Barthomews Bol Mawut-Deng as the third shareholder and the list goes on including those that need not to be mentioned because of their controversal 777.

The richest man is believed to have bought mountain Korok from the Central Equatorial authority for about fifty (50) years for the construction of roads in Southern Sudan. It is also believed that most of the top eight (8) companies in Juba belongs to him including the airline called Skyjet, Alok Group of Companies which is speciliased in various industry like Hotels, ie "Home and Away" he has also bought Juba Hotel from Central Equatorial Authorities, Petroleum companies ie Abiemnhom Co. Ltd, Soft drinks ie Yanyom Fruits & Beverages Co. Ltd, Root Brick factory Co. Ltd and in Banking has bought some of the Islamic banks like the Omduruman bank and Faisal bank. He both named them Buffalo Comercial Banks (BCB) South Sudan Ltd and so much more which other people may not know.

Given the powerful people behind him, believed me or not he is not alone in that riches. I am sure that this wealth is given to him to manage but other personalities may have more shares then the man running the affairs from day today duty."
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The Richest Man in South Sudan
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