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 Accusation Letter Against Lou to Goss

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PostSubject: Accusation Letter Against Lou to Goss   Accusation Letter Against Lou to Goss I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 18, 2009 12:15 am

Open letter to the Southern Sudan Government

Date: 06/15/2009

TO: · Government of Southern Sudan president, Salva Kiir Mayardit

· Vice President of GOSS, Dr Riek Machar Teny DhorGon

· General Assembly of Southern Sudan

· African Union and United Nation

· All Heroes who contribute their bloods on our behalf to enjoy peace

· All citizens in Southern Sudan as well as in Diaspora

FROM: citizens of Nasir & Ulang in Diaspora.

Office of Duany Union in Diaspora

Contact E-mail: postmaster@duanyuni on.org

Nasir and Ulang counties’ citizens, under Duany Union in Diaspora, condemn the action taken by GOSS soldiers who killed civilians in these two Counties without legitimate cause between those civilians and the soldiers.

South Sudan is a semi-independent State that should care for lives of its own people. It is the land with created laws, rules, regulations, justices, and orders for all citizens.

Mr. President, why you let our Nation’s orphans, widows, disabled men and women, children, and veterans of the war finishing themselves and their livestock before you? Why you let the victims of longer war grieve day and night, while the cold war of diseases, lack of food and less development still a big challenge under your leadership? Your Excellency Mayardit, we the children of Nasir and Ulang in Diaspora condemn the mass killings by your soldiers on our people, who were voluntarily disarmed last two years by your leadership, and they didn’t say “no” to the disarmament so that southern Sudanese must see the real development, good security, and unity prevailing among all citizens of our country. After completing their voluntary disarmament, some of Lou Nuers, from Akobo County, start attacking them, season to season without even protection from your government until facing this deadly one by (SPLA) soldiers without a case between soldiers and our people.

To put this claims to your attention, these groups of Lou and Jikany Nuers are the two groups who caused less developments in liberated areas of Upper Nile since 1993-1995. The Lou sections that carrying attacks and killings over Jikany Nuers yearly should be stopped by the government of southern Sudan. They keep doing this because all citizens of Jikany communities have been disarmed, while southern Sudan government didn’t apply the same authority to disarm the outrageous of Lou Nuer in Akoba County.

Mr. President, we the community of Jikany sections in Diaspora wants to know if your government does not value our people than those who defy your authorities to accept the disarmament among citizens of southern Sudan. We want to know from your leadership if our people hide Jalaba in their backyard or we want to know if you don’t value the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters who lost their lives during struggle. Truly, your administration does not deliver the same equality in order to protect civilians from counties that are not disarmed yet, such as Akobo and Pibor. In reality, our people trust your leadership in protecting every citizens and that was the reason they didn’t hesitate to give up their weapons to your authorities. In addition, those sections of Lou Nuer attacked Ulang County and killed many people, looted animals, and pillaged materials last year. However, your government did nothing. Again, last Month the same groups of Lou Nuer from Akoba County carried out mass killings over children, women, older people who are powerless to fight back for their painful death. They carried attack, while they were disguising with military uniforms, but your government yet did nothing.

Now the same people who carry out the same massacre in Torkech smuggled weapons from your government to Lou Nuer of Akobo so that they continue killing their neighbors. Again now, one of your commanders has taken a side and ordered soldiers to kill those who try to prevent future massacres to the people. Those soldiers burned villages, raped women, and killed old people who could not run. Instead of normalizing the situation by preaching peace, he just waging wars between civil society and government authority. Therefore, if your government is not the one that smuggling those weapons and bullets to civilians of Akoba in order to equip them and keep killings, where did those weapons and bullets, including uniforms, tents, and other materials, come from?

Truly, our people did not side with Northern government because (SPLA) it is our movement and our people were among those who feed the soldiers during the struggled. There is no ways our people should declared war again to their government. Those who accused our people that they went to Northern government really, it was not true. Those people want to justify their mistaken against civilians. Mr. President, the one who orders the killing of the civilians needs to face justices if your leadership means to protect the people and maintain peace for our new Nation.

Mr. President, if your government is not in a state of collapse, we the community of Ulang and Nasir in Diaspora ask your leadership to bring those who carry out the mass massacre in Torkech to justice. Of course, we hear from the people in Nasir that the boats being carried with UN flag on top were loaded with guns and bullets in order to rearm civilians of Akobo County, who have never been disarmed. They need to get more bullets and weapons in order to occupy their neighbors’ lands. Mr. President, our people have a right to defend themselves and block flowing weapons and bullets to Akobo County through their border, so they are able to reduce adverse invasions. Once again, our community asks your leadership to bring those who fail to follow the rules of being peaceful to their neighbors to justice. Also, those individuals who are still using bush mentality while our Nation is enjoying peace dividend, freedom, and equality must face justice and be punished as criminals without amnesty.

Finally, Mr. President, when the giant and founder of our Nation Dr Garang De Mabior perished, our Nation cried and mourned so much, but we swept our bitterness tears for that terrible loss. After all terrific grief, we calm down that you become our Joshua, who would take us to promise land since you are a current president of our Nation. Honestly, Mr. Mayardit, our Nation wants to know this from the bottom of your heart that, are you the real Joshua who will take us to the promise land? Are you the real Joshua whom we hope and trust to take our Nations to free land of ours? If you are the one, how many people do you want to go with you to promise land while your people are finishing themselves before you? Therefore, if you are not the one, Mr. President, this is the time to tell our Nation of South Sudan the real Joshua who will take us to the promise land, the land of hope and happiness. Truly, if you are the one whose dream takes us to promise land as we believe, this is the time to take a new direction because our Nation is in a state of collapse by 70%. If you do not take action right away, the future of our Nation is less than a quarter to function as a Nation.

Thank very much and may God bless those who lost their lives because of other to live peace, prosperity, and justice for all!!!!

The citizens of Nasir & Ulang in Diaspora.

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Accusation Letter Against Lou to Goss
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