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 New Information from Akobo

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PostSubject: New Information from Akobo   Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:32 pm

To alert Lou Nuer community for the possible attack from Gaajiok.few minut ago, I was told that Gaajiok left Nasir yesterday,they were already plan to attack Akobo,it may happen at any time from now, today or tomorrow.Let our people to know that.

Moses Wal
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Bayoch Rom

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PostSubject: Re: New Information from Akobo   Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:59 pm

Where did that information you passed came from initially Mr. Wal? Is this a return of another war between Lou and Gajiok? Let's hope that it won't happen again. Anyway, it is good that you alert your community. I don't think that the whole Nasir community has been planning this attack. It might be planned by some criminals from Nasir community as it had been done by Lou criminals who attacked Torkech. It is a case that should be handled by the government if we have a proper government by prosecuting those responsible through justice. I already talked to one of my friend back home, and he said that they are always alert incase of attack especially from Murle. He said youngmen are always patroling around Akobo. I think the youngmen will handle it well although they are volunerable because of series attacks launched last month. Let's alert them by anymean of communication. But, I think these are individuals or criminals from Nasir community who planning this for whatever reason, and not the whole Nasir community. Guys, there are planners who want some communities to be wipedout within nowhere ( If you know what I mean) because the government should not simply locked its army in Baracks while people are being killed. Well done Mr. Wal for alerting your community keep it that way.


Bayoch Rom
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New Information from Akobo
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