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 The Character of Gajiook Kiir

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PostSubject: The Character of Gajiook Kiir   Fri Jun 26, 2009 3:20 pm

Dear Nuer Community at large.
This letter is to let the entire Nuer Community relearns our Nassirian, or Gajiook Nyayows.
By Uncles Gaat Geekah
June, 25 2009
Subject: The Characteristic of Gajiook Kiir

Gajiok are people described as crass, highly prejudice, incorrigible, with no sensitivity; they’re rude, oafish, impolite, vulgar and bad tempered, that is the central of their characters. At the same time, them (Gajiok) are crafty cleverly people who uses underhanded, sneaky methods or schemes to get what they want from other people. They ingratiated calling themselves Jikany or Duaany Union to win the favor of Jaak Kiir and Guang Kiir brothers, while in reality, they do not meant the Unity of Jikany.

Both Jikany and Duany Union were created by Gajiok, but Jaak and Guang Kiir are sitting silently watching the steps their brother Jiok Kiir are taken. Lou, Fangak and Bentiu Nuers are also watching, but knowing that Duany or Jikany Union will not function unless Jaak and Guang Kiir borrow a third brother to replace Jiok Kiir from Lou, Fangak or Bentiu Nuers to make a smooth Gaat Kiir Union.

Jiok Kiir is well known to mistreat his own brothers Jaak and Guang Kiir for a dozen of centuries. Between 1996 and 2009, Jiok Kiir constantly destructed and destroyed the properties and life of his small brother Guang Kiir. This result in them (Gajiook) looting the cattle of Kiir prophet (Kun Thol Kuach), not to mention the number of damages they made to the entire Guang Kiir Community. In a number of years, Jiook Kiir down played his second brother Jaak Kiir, by isolating and neglecting Jaak, calling themselves the only people who know how to wear clothes. They often called Gajaak (ɣaali) or villagers, and discriminates them in political posts and other civilized activities. Every little thing Gajaak do, Gajiok considered it as villager activity without noticing that Gajaak are progressing toward their destiny. Gajaak have recently had more than 5 PhD graduates, while Gajiok had only one. Lou, Fangak and Bentiu Nuers are happy to see Jaak Kiir growing professionally, because that probably will help the vulnerable Jaak Kiir to taste the fruits of government that his older brother Jiook Kiir kept away from him for more than a dozen centuries.

In their recent article where they commingling and distorting the facts intentionally to commute their crime into slighter punishment in the hand of the Government of South Sudan and SPLA, showing that Gajiok had making a slanderous statements to destroy the reputation of ingenuous Lou Nuer people who are trustworthy to the entire Nuer population. Them (Gajiook) incriminated Lou in the public for the crime they have committed themselves. The first bullet was fired by them (Gajiok) killing a Lou Nuer man without any apparent cause. When Lou retaliated by killing a Gajiok man in revenge of their man, instead of apologizing after the death were equal, Gajiook turned around calling Lou Nuers the murderers, bandits, and all these names that will never fit the definition of Greater Lou People in the entire Nuer Society.

Only God can judge Gajiook, no human being even the United State President, the Queen of England, the Pop Benedict, the United Nation Secretary General, the King of Jordan or Saudi Arabia, if attempting to convince Gajiook of the guilt they made to Lou, they (Gajiok) will thinks these leaders are from Lou Nuer too. Gajiook has no common description, but are simply like Satan describes itself in the Bible as everything. Gajiok are like that, and can be describe as such. They will never be sincere even amongst themselves leave a lone the name Jikany or Duany Union they have created or this Nuer Community. Gajaak and Gaguang Kiir know that very well and Lou, Fangak and Bentiu Nuers know that nothing going to function, unless Gajaak becomes the leading son of Kiir children.

Dear Gajiook Kiir! Or Gaat Duaany Geakah.

Liɛŋɛ jɛ Gaat Nyimaara! You’re dealing with new Lou Nuer generation who know all your secrets. We will disclose all your characteristics to Nuer and the entire media until you apologize to your uncles. Our predictions are backed with true supporting details that create a meaningful understanding to our article readers. Not like your articles you wrote with hyper attitudes and unprofessional manner.

You made a statement in your article that, “Lou Nuers will get food through their own means and not through your Sobat River”! Are you sure with that statement? Let we assure you Gaat Nyieeti; your ruthless statement does not make any sense unless you forgot what your Uncles Gaat Geakah did to you in 1993.

IF you forget that your uncles can bring food to their hunger children in Akobo right through your Sobat River, let’s ask you a question: Was the Sobat River run with you in 1993 when your Uncles chased you out of your great Nasir City? Do you think the power of your Uncle that drove you out of Nasir in 1993 fates away? The answer to these questions is NO. It is up to your uncle to let you stay near nephew. Your Uncles can make you forget the name of your Sobat River in just one month period if your uncle has no heart like you.

Anyway, hang in there Nephews; your uncles still forgive you because you have nowhere to go. You have already messed your reputation with your own Kiir brothers; therefore, your uncle will let you sit and have everything you want in life.

Also know that your uncle’s children cannot die from hunger until sometime in the middle of next year. Your uncles own lot of cows, and their children can survive from cow milk, blood or meat, until the situation change this year or next year. Never think that you locked up your uncles in prison cells. Your uncles can break the chains easily if the situation is going worse. Think wise and think twice.

Signed by Uncles, Gaat Geakah.
Reach us at lounuermail@gmail.com

The board is for us to exchange our opinions; everyone is encourage to use their sure name on the board. In addition, if you ever become violent to others, your name will be delete without notification
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The Character of Gajiook Kiir
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