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 Mr.chief Brown messages to Nuer folks!

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Mr.Brown Bol

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Job/hobbies : Chairman of NCDS OF u.s.a.
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PostSubject: Mr.chief Brown messages to Nuer folks!   Fri Jun 26, 2009 6:38 pm

Hello all Nuer & others tribes Worldwide websmasters, I Mr.Brown Both Bol along with my NCDS of U.S.A.leadership team,We are about to alert all of you webmasters in all webs, in order to watch over the debates on the issue that seem now, the two sub-sections Nuer Lou and Jikany citizen are about to confronts.

Our southern Sudan government leaders,now are working harder day and night to resolve this long time conflict between Lou and Jikany,but my concern is, all diasparas Nuer tribe readers and writers need to be careful on this issue when they debating it,the Nuer comunity Development Service worldwide leaders also are intent not to be helpless,but be careful because issue is been very sensative.

Please webmasters of all Nuer webs,use your minds and keeps your eyes on any articles that may fuel or hurt the feeling of side by side citizen of these two Nuer sub-sections clans.

I will not be happy either my team to you when you folks air such one that doesn't make sense at all, therefore our team work will help the system,I'm now doing my job to get intouch with all Nuer tribe counties commissioners and villages chiefs to help situation cooloff, also I get intouch with first Jinub Al Sudan dupty chief of saffs and Vice President to do their part,Please let us do our parts too as leaders.

Mr.Brown Both Bol
The NCDS of U.S.A.President & Chief Executive officer
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Mr.chief Brown messages to Nuer folks!
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