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 NCDS of U.S.A.general assembly meeting resolution!

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NCDS of U.S.A.general assembly meeting resolution! Empty
PostSubject: NCDS of U.S.A.general assembly meeting resolution!   NCDS of U.S.A.general assembly meeting resolution! I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2009 2:09 pm

To: NCDS, U.S.A members of Mid-Western States

From: NCDS, U.S.A

Date: 06/30/09

It’s a pleasure to extend our gratitude to the Mid-Western States members for their respect and energy they showed to us (NCDS Executive Board) during the general assembly meeting in Omaha, NE. Below are the meeting list of items and conclusions of the minutes for the general assembly meeting that we held on the 06/20/09. The NCDS administration posts them for your reviews.

NCDS General Assembly Meeting

Date: 06/20/09

Meeting Agenda:

NCDS work kick-off was on 05/30/09
The announcement of the appointed NCDS State representatives and a brief explanation of their appointment by the President
Registration fee
Monthly membership fee currently sets at $5 per a month
Photo IDs
Bylaw draft will end in the first week of August. On Saturday, 08/08/09 the general assembly will be called to ratify the Bylaw, but only registered members.
NCDS bank account

Meeting Minutes:


State Representatives: It has been passed by the majority vote that the appointment of the State representatives is ok until further notice or until the bylaw is ratified.

Registration: It’s agreed by the Mid-Western States general assembly that all members must register in order to be considered as a legitimate member in NCDS , U.S.A.

Bylaw: The committee members of the bylaw are recommended by the general assembly to proceed in making an amendment and add new guidance or rules into the primary bylaw.

Photo IDs: It has been passed unanimously by the general assembly that members must pay $5 and bring their own photos to obtain NCDS ID.

Membership: Fee is passed unanimously by the general assembly that any one that is officially registered must pay a minimum fee of $5 a month or $60 per a year in order to remain active in the NCDS.

It was broadly explalined to the public that the bank account for Nuer Community is opened and it's titled in the name of the organization. All the members stated that they were clear on the topic by responding yes when they were ask if they understood.

For questions call Banak M. Kueth @ 402-5164509

NCDS, U.S.A Secretary General
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NCDS of U.S.A.general assembly meeting resolution!
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