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 Disappointing Action From Some Lou Youth In Juba

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PostSubject: Disappointing Action From Some Lou Youth In Juba   Wed Jul 01, 2009 2:05 am

I would like to make my disappointment and humiliating action against the Lou Nuer Community being carried out by a group of some Lou Nuer Youth calling themselves something like Lou Nuer Youth for Peace and something. This self claiming Lou Youth for Peace was formed by a few individuals who convinced themselves as the meaning of the word Lou Nuer and formed the group at night where I assumed they met to have a drink, coffee or dinner. This was mainly after the Torkech retaliatory attack avenging the murder in cold blood of our beloved families in Kunyerek, and the few families who were murdered on their way to Gaguang. They thus decided to form the group disappointedly to condemn solely the Torkech attack ignoring the Kunyerek attack. Their argument was that if we mention the extravagant evil committed against us, the Jikany won’t want to talk to us and will surely accept the peace talk. Therefore let’s us scarify the death our people since it is not a big deal. Some people heard the news, called and protest and were recruited. After sometime the few who were just dragged into this altruism refused and insisted on the Kunyerek devastating incident to be added. Knowing arguing too much will expose their voracious vision; they decided to give in but that the Kunyerek massacre will not be tell in details.

It is important to notice that this meeting took place at night and the Lou Nuer Youth General Assembly was not informed. I doubt if the Chairman of the Lou Nuer Youth Association was informed at that particular time. Those who are determined went ahead and started the campaign shouting loud “WE THE LOU YOUTH CONDEMNED THE LOU, WHY DID THEY ATTCK TORKECH JUST BECAUSE SOME LOU WERE KILLED IN KUNYEREK.” After few meetings, they decided to post the so called condemnation letter, where the defender becomes offender. The letter appeared on almost if not all news papers in Sudan at different dates and in most websites mostly - community websites. Citizen for example goes as far as putting images of army tanks to show how bad the Lou have really destroy the village witnessed by their own sons in Juba.

Well this brothers went ahead to meet the Gajiok without bothering to inform the Lou Nuer Youth Mass. Unfortunately for them and fortunately to this beloved community, the Jikany insisted on meeting their community first. After they came back still with no plan to meet the community, that is when one of them with the heart of belonging to the community insisted on calling the Lou Nuer for a meeting as well. It is also important to note that this was after the Gajiok insisted on meeting their people first.

So a meeting was called. Is too unfortunate I wasn’t feeling well at that time so I didn’t personally attend the meeting. The Great Lou Nuer Youth General assembly asked the possible questions that anyone could have thought of, and the slave traders who wish to sell the entire Lou Nuer Community interest for a reason that can only be explain by themselves. The only thing they could depend on was that “we are sorry guys but the mistake is already made, so please allow us to go on with the same mistake”. Some people agreed to that and the team was given a go ahead. Well I am not that type of a person to be sweet talk when it come to my beloved community and specially harming them. The process continued and they schedule a meeting with the Jikany but the Jikany had been dodging them.

While the team continued with trying to appease the Jikany, another event happened that set fire to the heart of every Lou son and daughter world wide. I MUST MENTION THAT SOME LOU SONS WHO WERE TRICKED HAD STARTED DRAGGING THEIR LEGS AS THEY BEGIN SUSPECTING THE AIM OF THIS. The WFP loaded and send food aid to Akobo after the visit of John Holmes. The food was block in Nasir for one and half weeks. Surprisingly to team that claim to be the bridge between Lou and Jikany didn’t write a condemnation letter about the incident. Their Jikany counterparts didn’t either. This is where I strengthen my point. What is the different of killing someone with a gun and just starving one to death? I think the later is more painful though they all end up with the same result. Negotiation took place between the Government of Southern Sudan and the Nasir community but t no avail. On May 10th 2009, boats took off escorted by SPLA soldiers. The boats were full of women and children who were stunted in Nasir. Determine to starve the people of Akobo to death and the lust to shed the blood as they are use to, the attacked the boats killing most of the women and children on board. Against the so called peace lover didn’t condemn or suggest anything to do with that.

The most hurting part is that even as the SPLA struggle to burry our lost love ones, this group went on to calling the Jikany for a peace meeting. I assume like this “HEY YOU JUST KILLED OUR PEOPLE IN REVENGE OF WHAT HAD HAPPENED AND WE DON’T CARE, SO LET’S JUST AND HELP US ACHIEVE OUR GOAL”. The Jikany being afraid of what have just happened and of course celebrating their victory did not get time for this nonsense as they refer to it.

They manage to meet in June 19th 2009, after the Jikany celebration. Some of the people walked out in protest while other decided to stay there to listen to the out come. Is important to notice that some people are still not aware of what is going on till now.

For the list of the team, please write to gwechrambang@yahoo.co.uk
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Disappointing Action From Some Lou Youth In Juba
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