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 Nuer tribe speak Thok-Nath not Nuer!

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Mr.Brown Bol

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PostSubject: Nuer tribe speak Thok-Nath not Nuer!   Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:29 pm

Attention all Nuer who love to hear word Naath"

Date,July,2nd, 2009

Remember this folks,Nuer is the only name that tittled us as tirbe,and the tribe Nuer speaking [Thok-Nath], therefore we can not used all names Naath -Nuer, it doesn't make sense at all folks.

We are the Naath in Nature, and we are tribe by the name Nuer, many people whom are Nuer in this country and elsewhere in the world kept saying, I speak Nuer which is wrong,we are speak [Thok-Nath]. The name Nuer has to be use for any Organization Nuer tribe formed,when it come to the Nuerism,Please let us differentiate these two names in our entire tribe of Nuer, in my conclusion of this message to you, we are Naath in nature, tribe as Nuer and we speak Thok-Nath.

For more information, Please I can advise you to go to library,and type in or give our tribe name as Nuer,and that will locate you what languange this tribe Nuer speak.

Mr.Brown Both Bol
The NCDS of U.S.A.President & Chief Executive officer
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Nuer tribe speak Thok-Nath not Nuer!
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