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 SPLM political result reactivity in South Sudan

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Ker Biel

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PostSubject: SPLM political result reactivity in South Sudan   Thu Jul 02, 2009 7:20 pm

SPLM taking sides reactivity results in South Sudan has censured by SSDF

July 02, 2009

Press release

By: Ker Biel Ruey

It has been along hearing the news about SPLM itself, divided each other for misruling the country. Not only that has been in the news, also there are lot of things happened in the SPLM leadership before, and that are still obtainable up to now (corruption, tribalism and misruling). The foundation on that in sequence, we, the SSDF party, we presaged a system of SPLM political prospective for many reasons. However, the system needs to be changed and respected clearly and carefully; significantly, the country must to be obliged for rationale. If a ruling party has got full of mind to direct the people fairly as we search it for along period of time. And then the country has stood in a good shape fundamentally.

As the above mentioned the reality that has brought the spite to the SPLM people in the South, however; the SSDF on that in turn has got tougher to secure every thing gone off poorer quality in Southern social order. In another hand, the Diasporas’ branches of SSDF investigated and agreed to how and why the country’s ruling party has divided in to two different parties. The failure of national united SPLM has shown the fact that politics in the South dedicated an unknown tract.

The newest found, SPLM DC which stimulated some members have ran to, have condemned it by majority of people. The reason that it has got condemn by public is a background of Dr. Lam, he was divided apart the SPLM when his previously thought was against SPLM political views with so-called SPLM united. The same with this newest found SPLM DC party also stands behind SPLM party as destroyer. Based on that the thinkers of other political parties in Southern Sudan have a vision for all people who have got a fear for blindness or threaten politics which runs by both SPLM original and newest found SPLM DC .

In long run processing for on going political bureaucratic, there are many reasons which can allow SSDF believes Dr. lam Akol, the former Sudan‘s foreign Affair minister in his shortcoming verdict. The exciting reason that made SSDF expected this defection is because the SPLM DC will disintegrate SPLM in its pronouncement. If Dr. Lam wanted to make this goal becomes possible as he has dreamt about, immediately as it sounds right to him, consent needed to the parties to allow following coalition works in Juba southern Sudan .

To be frank, SPLM DC must stay in the South, if it is possible to let everyone in the South be alerted with mental picture. If SPLM DC needs to destroy the country as it needs impeded the process of self-determination with unclear friendship with NCP. There will be no political allies unless the founder of two SPLM DC and former founder SPLM united party would think twice.

Consequently, South Sudan Democratic Forum (SSDF) now expresses disapproval of both SPLM political revelations in the country. Accordingly, the action has appeared since the Diasporas Braches of South Sudan Democratic Forum have deeply investigated the criminal systematic in SPLM opinionated organizers failed. The Democratic Forum Party (SSDF) has got tougher to build steadiness in the South. Not only stability that it would be built in the South, also the criminal party especially SPLM must be taken to court. Everything has taken place and works wrongly would document it as record. Any where the Democratic Forum party resides from would have clued for what is going on now in the South.

South Sudan’s politics would not be running in the Sudan , Khartoum , all parties which needed to create away of living undamaged in the South Should come to the South. And have a sense of respecting to the Southern Sudanese civilians. To run back and forth is a disaster which will bring disorganizing later, as it has already been smashed up the SPLM itself.

Now, the problem is growing big among the people of the South without recognition by those who have done it. The problem has supported an untie york which has being put by Khartoum government. In that psychosomatic mechanism not yet realized, by politicians of southern like other issues just emerged along the road. To know that presumption more, Darfur‘s case became now a major issue in the world criminal code act while southern Sudan‘s war crime became countless because of no one focused on it. In relationship of growing the future, even marginalizes also have a little confusion, to SPLM malfunction which was just happening in a second.

But, to keep this article in the following way, the people of South Sudan are confused. Because they have no corrected direction that they would have to defend on it and wait constructive an assessment or a winner from one side of SPLM parties (SPLM and SPLM DC ). For example, since the SPLM newest founder has announced it a voice to Southern Sudan worldwide, the SPLM original became weakening. The weaknesses of SPLM political disagreement touched every movement around the country‘s most important issues. It touches the strategies politically and violently. Willingly, there is no benefit at all, unless those who have made this wrong leadership now knowing what they are doing and what kind of policies caused that one happened?

Therefore, when participants find out the answers of above grounds or terms, then they would be widely to consign in that objective. At the present, a fear of unknown territory is only leading the innocents. To explain this more to you folks, things are still unclear between Lam Akol and NCP and he with SPLM, SSDF knows that if Dr. Lam Akol created his party with different name, today, would not be questioning for no reason. On that name my friends (McCain former president of candidate and Senator, Mr. Wal cited), be careful and be smart to make your own choice safe to our society.

All these things have become chief problems because we leaved positive concerns we could do with endless line of attacking. At this movement we needed only political debate with encouraging result which would bring the public a signify maturity. While the traditional potential beliefs and values have to be helpful in the future in South Sudan generations. This idea would be found when all Southern Sudanese should come together and able to judge the things whereas they treated themselves with freedom and dignity. As this information notifies all of us above for many obstructions in our country which were made by SPLM political situation, let us wait these short coming days. Because the SPLM party has to find out right directory system that Southern civilians should have better information than first hearsay.

Dr. Lam, in view of the fact that he has in opposition to all Southern Sudanese wholly; he is headed to the Iran and Syria . While these are inhospitable countries towards the separation of South Sudan and other political parties national allies. And now, his aim has been analysis is using imbursement for unnecessary voyage to seek further support as to demolish Southerners. Dr. Lam's followers and devotee are not also known that he is not for the interest of South nor supported of separatists. That means South is not his principal anxiety and his failure aspiration is what he thinks about. Therefore, such a leader is unsafe to himself and the people whom he thought he could uphold.

The conclusion, South Sudan Democratic Forum in Diasporas Branches doubted the SPLM scheme. It is blurred that the country must not be ruling with this attitude while citizens are not happy. There is no way for SPLM to mislead the people and fed them with wrong information. Dr. Akol and SPLM leaders have to have movement of understanding within SPLM policy before this confusion happened overtly has continued. Two reconds for Dr.Lam Akol notified the people for the failure of this. In 1991, he has separated from SPLM/A and formed SSIM with Dr.Machar; Dr.Lam has failed to achieve a vision with Dr. Riek Machar and formed SPLM united. The SPLM united has disappeared because of no commitment and joined NCP, today; he came back with SPLM DC to destroy peace in Sudan .

The author is South Sudan Democratic Forum (SSDF) representative to Canada ; you can reach him through kerbiel@yahoo. ca
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SPLM political result reactivity in South Sudan
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