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 Press release from Akobo Commisioner

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PostSubject: Press release from Akobo Commisioner   Mon Aug 03, 2009 3:01 am

AC/C/11/1/8 August 3rd, 2009

11.30 Am
Press Release
Gun men Carry out another Massacre of 161 people in Akobo

On the dawn at 5 am through 8 am of Sunday August 2nd 2009, another massacre took place at Geni River at Mareng which is about 40 Km south west of Akobo. It should be recalled that the most devastating attack took place in April in a number of Nyandit Payam villages, killing about 300 people mostly women, elderly and children and displaced the whole area population to Akobo town.

The Geni victims mostly women and young children camped in the area for three weeks in search of food by forming fishing villages along Geni river, while being watched over by two dozens of police and army for protection. The attack was swift and over powered the few soldiers, and immediately started shooting at about hundred unarmed people by chasing them towards the river, chased the people into three directions; to Akobo, Pibor and Burmath Boma in Nyandit Payam to the east.
The news were received from the eleven fleeing wounded men and a woman who arrived Akobo town at around 10 Oclock and are currently being treated in Akobo hospital. The Akobo County Executive Director immediately dispatched two vehicles with police to search for survivors, and Seventy seven (161) confirmed dead (100 women and Children 50 men civilians and 11 SPLA officers) and are being buried by the river side as of 11 oclock this morning August 3, 2009. 29 wounded and 3 being SPLA soldiers. Dozens of children and women are still missing and most are believed to be either killed or abducted by the attackers. The authorities are still searching for survivors by beating drums and checking the river and the woods for more dead. More details are still emerging as these are just the preliminary reports.

The attackers are believed to be one of the groups of Murle tribes men who recently attacked Lony village north west of Akobo County on July 29th and killed a couple, abducted their child and ran away with some 100 head of cattle belonging to three families in the area. A similar group attacked Kwecar village to raid cattle but were unsuccessful. A larger group attacked Dengjok and Obere in June by killing two individuals and ran Away with a thousand head of cattle in Denjok Payam and killing Five and wounding two in Obere and ran away with un specified number of cattle.

The people of Akobo are trying to survive by all means; a boats convoy carrying about 800 mT of WFP food and camping material was attacked at Nasser County in Upper Nile on June 12th 2009, exacerbating the complex situation already created by a blockade of the only transport for trade from Upper Nile and Ethiopia since March, 2009 when a string of killings and counter attacks gripped the two communities resulting in about 100 dead on both sides and additional more than a hundred during the boat attack.
The UN continues to airlift food to Akobo, but proofed to be insufficient; the result was for the community members to fend for themselves looking for food in a very hostile environment.

• There is no passable route leading to Akobo from any direction, therefore we urge the International community, the government of Southern Sudan to urgently do Something or/and pave road (s) to Akobo and for people of Sobat corridor to allow the trade boats and UN humanitarian Assistance without hindrance as the only viable solution to Akobo misery.

• The protection of civilians has proven to be a difficult job due to lack security roads and well trained, equipped or sufficient police force for the county.

• The ceasefire committee formed by Southern Sudan Peace Commission between Murle and Nuer failed to convince Murle Youth during the last three months and their recommendations for a conference in Pibor town casts some doubt amongst Nuer chiefs on genuineness of such an initiative.

• The United Nations Mission in Sudan pulled out of Pibor and Akobo just a week ago falling short of making a meaningful impact on the reason of their presence in the first place. We urge more objectivity and purposefulness of such missions in the future.

• There is an urgent need of disarming all Jonglei Communities and particularly the Murle before the next dry season in order to save lives.

• Ask State Authorities/UNMIS for an urgent flight to Akobo to assess the situation and to provide more food to the people in Akobo County.

Goi Jooyul Yol
+249 914937969
CC. Media Outlets
Government agencies
All UN Agencies and NGOs

The board is for us to exchange our opinions; everyone is encourage to use their sure name on the board. In addition, if you ever become violent to others, your name will be delete without notification
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PostSubject: Re: Press release from Akobo Commisioner   Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:19 pm

My condolence goes to innocent who lost their lives in the attack. Another grievance links back to the previous major attack in April and it revives the Lou agony due to frequent attacks of Murle in their territory. As the Commissioner Mr. Goi Jock Yol mentioned about the Ceasefire Committee which is comprised of Lou and Murle intellectuals, it is now seen in the light that this is not going to be effective any longer.
During the first week of May this year, they toured Pibor town, Akobo Town, Walgak, Langken, and Yuai and their message was selling the peace to the warring parties of Greater Akobo and Murle.

I was in Walgak on the 4th of May when the Peace Committee led by Mr. Jock Yol, the Commissioner’s father along with Hon. Gatkuoth Dup, the then Commissioner of Akobo Doyak Chuol, John Chuol Mamuth, former Deputy Commissioner of Akobo County Gordon Nyoat Ruot and other officials from Murle tribe. Their message was to convince Lou people not to response to the Nyandiet Massacre and that they could remain calm without looking for revenge. On this perspective it worked on the Lou side because there has never been any Lou attack on Murle since the end of March 2009 while on the flipside of the coin, Murle keep attacking Lou area. Even during the time when they were Peace Delegation was meeting with the people of Nyirol County in Lanken, a well armed Murle Platoon out the blue came on 5/5/2009 and attack the villages of Juwe and Thowat far north of Walgak town which resulted in killing of three men and wounded some during the resistance. However, they did not succeed in taking the cattles.

In addition, thank so much Hon. Goi Jock Yol for the extending the message eloquently to the people of South Sudan and International Communities. Whenever such a situation arise people feel like they do not know what to do about the catastrophe but God will help the Lou Nuer People of Akobo through this difficult time.

Long Live Lou Nuer!

Peter Khor Malual
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PostSubject: Re: Press release from Akobo Commisioner   Mon Aug 03, 2009 6:39 pm

My grievances go to the families who lost their love ones. May Almighty Father receive their souls at his right hand.
While crisis are escalating in South Sudan in general, Lou-Nuer indeed out-numbered the burdens of all tribes in South Sudan. Our people have been caught up in midst of danger while the rest of the communities still blaming Lou-Nuer people when they try to increase their surrounding security with their neighbors. Who in the whole South Sudan community, including government officials, shall again put the blame on Lou-Nuer people? All the women, children, and young people who are the future of Lou-Nuer community have been perished. May the righteous one who judges and rewards, shall judge and reward Lou-Nuer community in full for its willingness towards stability it has shown so far to South Sudanese communities.


Peter Wiyual Dak
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PostSubject: Condolency and comfort.   Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:20 pm

My heartfelt condolency to all of us and especially those who have lost their love one. It became a routine tragedy sequence in our community and it seems to be an avoidable. As a community, one people and human being, could we please come togather in grief and prayer to console our creator who has all pssiblities to all kind of human problems? Could we put aside our differencies and seek for Almighty God to intervence in our problems? According to what I have seen, this is beyond our human ability and we need to come to God to ask for forgiveness since our God is a loving God and faithful. God can reverse the situation that can not be handle by human being and can shut the mouth of lion which is roaring to devour us as He did to Daniel and his friends. I understabd that we are all affected in one way or another, but my deepest condolency and comfort to those who are deeply affected and lost most of their family members. Please let us take courage and comfort from the Lord who clearly stated to us that there is a time for everythings under the Sun. This is a time for us to grief and let hope that there will be a time to enjoy as we all understand that there is nothing come to last as long as we are still alive. Above all, let us work as one body and through God, we will defeat the satan who thought to be victorious in our home lnad. May our dear Lord comfort all of us and let pray that He will reverse this situation sooner than we think. Yrs, Kweth Yoh. Canada.
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PostSubject: Re: Press release from Akobo Commisioner   

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Press release from Akobo Commisioner
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