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 Respond to President Brown Bol`s call for Nuer unity

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PostSubject: Respond to President Brown Bol`s call for Nuer unity   Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:08 pm

Dear Mr. President Brown Both Bol
It was very pleasing to see that you care and responded concerning the situation which recently happened in Akobo. As much as I like to agree with you on call for unity to be preach, sire I am a little bit concern for not addressing the much more devastating and disappointing issue at hand. Sure over the period of less than a year over five hundred Lou had been killed by Murle, however the situation in Nasir to me is more pressing and must be deal with if we mean Nuer unity. Sire I grew up from Nasir and understood the common values Lou and Gajiok share, therefore I cannot comprehend the idea of people that share common values allowing children and women stabbing to death while food is being blocked from being delivered.
I have family members from Nasir community that I love so much with all my being perhaps that may be why it hurt me more when I heard that foods are being blocked from reaching Akobo by community I know and care for. To me people who are a life deserve more attention than the one, who had passed away, therefore we must turn our attention to that food being prevent from reaching a desperate community and persuade people from Nasir in allowing that food to reach children and women. I hate assigning blame but those who died three days ago on the hand of Murle God rest their soul was for the lack of food, therefore if food items provided by UNHCR were allowed to reach them most of them would be a life today.
Sire what happened has became past, therefore let us deal with that ticking time bomb between Lou and Gajiok and solve that before anything else happen. I do believe sire without meaningful relationship between these two communities our unity will mean nothing but symbolic, that is why it’s more relevant to deal with this situation first.
This issue between Lou and Murle is simple that can be resolve overnight by Lou if they want to, but they are being dictated to solve that issue by back door fears. Few months ago when Lou retaliated against Murle their fears became true when a whole family were killed by people from Nasir leading to retaliation from Lou that tragically killed innocent children and women from Torkach. We must unit as you say, but first we must talk our people into going back to the life they lives for so many decades, and become one family again. I sincerely believe this is with in our reach as long as we are serious in solving it and we are sincere in our approach to the situation.
Sire Lou can handle Murle and punish them with impunity, but what they cannot handle is causing destruction to community that is apart of them like Gajiok. If our politician neglects this situation perhaps we can have a better approach and solve it. Sire not involving in this issue is tragic and fatal to our people; therefore I am sincerely urging you to take a quick action so that lives will not be loose unnecessarily.
May God bless us all and help our people back home.
Gatluak Kuenywar
The president of LNCDII
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PostSubject: Re: Respond to President Brown Bol`s call for Nuer unity   Wed Aug 05, 2009 3:40 pm

Dear President Gatluak.

You have touched many significant points that are gearing into my heart. I called Malakal last night and talk to one of my relative there. What he told me was an amazing, that Gajiok are about to celebrate the death of 185 people in one day one hour.
I can't understand the unity we are talking about here.

Great reaction sir, I am completely agreeing with you.


Kueth Yul

The board is for us to exchange our opinions; everyone is encourage to use their sure name on the board. In addition, if you ever become violent to others, your name will be delete without notification
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PostSubject: Re: Respond to President Brown Bol`s call for Nuer unity   Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:34 pm

Dear Mr. Gatluak K and David K. Yul
The only way to get access through Sobat River From Malakal to Akobo is up to Lou Nuer now. We Lou Nuer need to take great raid to cowardness Jikany nyayow area aiming to kill all of them and burn their houses to the ground. Then, if there are survors left they will not kill us again. Jikany Nyayow need some thing like 1994 when we burned their town Nasir to the ground.Jikany had never burned come to our town because they are coward and stupid wild animals.That is why Gaajack are good people to us than them.
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PostSubject: Re: Respond to President Brown Bol`s call for Nuer unity   

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Respond to President Brown Bol`s call for Nuer unity
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