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 It's too late for GOSS to intervene

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PostSubject: It's too late for GOSS to intervene   Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:05 pm

It's too late for GOSS to intervene

Damn you (Kiir) put off your corrupted hat; and get the hell out of Juba!!!!

I'm deeply angered and sweat filled my body for the killings of one-hundred and sixty-one civilian Nuer women and children in one hour. I could not hold my temper on Kiir. I have no trust in him. Theses killings happened because Nuer young men have left behind tribal lines and prepare for the South-North conflicts. Most of them joined South Sudan’s Army Forces (SSAF) and city polices as so did others. That is a reason for Murle targeted young children and women. It’s not a first time for Murlee to attack Nuer territory; it’s a constant with no action being made by the current administration. Only two times we can forgive. Nuer has a motto and it goes like this: Kaclora means when someone’s time will come, nothing can stop me. Every culture has a motto too, for instance, American use their famous motto when their option is war: Time tight waits for no man--- when someone’s time will come, nothing can stop me. That is it, for Murlee!

Tribal Engineering (GOSS)

You can only understand the so called GOSS when it comes to its mottoes: corruption, nepotism, and quarterly reshuffles, switching positions to loot money within government they run themselves. Kiir's administration is not only giving bad image to South Sudanese communities, but internationally as well. Eritrea, a country that faced little difficulties than we do during bush times accused GOSS for depravity. Still, Kiir and his government do nothing for this serious accusation.

They're busy and panting buying fake caskets for dead bodies that turned out to be huge amount of South Sudan's government money that could have recruit hundred of thousand police security forces nationwide. Likewise, UK government caught GOSS agency (Madut Baak) carrying with him four millions U.S dollars or more at local England's airport, and falsely claimed that he was sent by GOSS to open an account. What a lie! Where in the world government could have used its agency as an electronic transfer? This is a Gogrial test of administration. The administration is feeble and corrupted within its all departments. Resignation is not a right 'word' for Kiir for leaving office. If we could have a strong justice system, he must face indictment, and possible life in prison. Government is not a joke! And wrongdoings never go away. After this Tribal Engineering times ended, South will go back to its normal position, and those who involved in that business will be brought to real justice.

Yes it's too late for this administration for taking action. The time was expired period! Nuer echoed Murle's attacks each year, but the administration giving us smile face. We sought that tribal governments (one tribe declaring war against each other) were too late at this time because we have a supreme government, the GOSS. It angered not only Nuer for tribal attack, but others like Anyuak and Bari facing the same issue. These killings must end soon because they disturbed us for so long. If Kiir’s administration wants to intervene, he must side with Murle or prepare for serious effect. KACLORA!

Stay alert!

Gach Bol Thong

Seattle, WA

E-mail: gaibolt@hotmail.com
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It's too late for GOSS to intervene
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