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 Copy of my letter to Nuer

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Copy of my letter to Nuer Empty
PostSubject: Copy of my letter to Nuer   Copy of my letter to Nuer I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 05, 2009 11:55 pm

Dear Nuer People.

Let me asked all of you just a simple question: What is the different between a person who prevent you from accessing to food, and a person who come at night and ambush to kill you? I do not see any difference; please explain the difference if you have any.

Honestly, I ‘m not blaming Murle tribe for killing my family this time, but I point my finger directly to my Gajiok brothers who preventing food from going to my family to Akobo. I did not blame Gajiok for the first time they attacked the food aid on June 12, because they were actually angry for the death that Lou civilians cost to their families in Torkech on April. But I blame them now because they did not release any boat even after they attacked the first UN food convoys. I thought if Gajiok killed at least a number of people higher than their families who died in Torkech; they could have calm down and release UN food items or allowed traders to bring their belongings to Akobo through river. Therefore, I believe the recent death of my family members was not carried out by Murle, but by Gajiook Nuer.

To prove the fact, the area where people were recently ambushed by Murle was abandoned by Lou some centuries back, probably during the Ngundeng time. The reason why Lou went back to that area this year is simply to search for fish as the only source of food to feed their children. There is no other reason for Lou to go that far in the middle of this season.

One may wonder why Lou Nuer young fighters were not responding sharply to the incidents, but what prevents these young men from responding was because, when they followed their cattle from Murle in March this year, our Gajiok brothers behind killed Lou Nuer families to revenge their two men who were killed by Lou some time early in March. That way, Lou Nuer young men feared that if they leave their family again, Gajiok will kill them behind.

In addition, in recent killing on August 2, 2009, Lou also confirmed that the massacre was a full plan between Gajiok and Murle to come at one time to kill Lou Nuer from Akobo. To give you details of it, you might have heard that Gajiok also fought amongst themselves the same weekend Lou were killed by Murle in Geni, and Mareng areas. The cause of fight between Gajiok was because some people within Gajiok stole cows from Ganguang to eat on their way to Lou. Then an argument started as to why stealing cows of our own while we are going to Lou? And the fight breaks out. I believe the God of Nuer is what preventing Gajiok from back stabbing their Lou Nuer brothers from Murle attack.

When Lou young men heard that Gajiok were coming, and also heard Murle is coming the other way, they tried to divided themselves balancing the weight of fight between Gajiok and fight with Murle. Lou young men think that Gajiok fight might be heavier than that of Murle, and then sent a small group of young men to Geni and Mareng along with some SPLA soldiers who went there mainly to protect their families. That is the reason why some SPLA soldiers were killed in that fight because SPLA families were also camping with Lou civilians in that fishing area due to lack of food they also facing the same way. We all know that SPLA do not want to involve in civilian crisis, but they were there to protect their families that is why 11 of them were killed in the ambush.

To be honest with you Nuer, we cannot look farther to what cause the death of our Lou Nuer brothers. I know many of us are mourning for the massive death that repeatedly occurring in Lou Nuer area. But in reality, some people within Nuer are happy with it. And in fact, I talk to one sibling last night in Malakal, what he told me was amazing. He stated that some Gajiok brothers are happy as hell and are about to celebrate the Murle victory. How do you feel about that Nuer people?

Today, I declare to all of you that if our Gajiok brothers are not relieving their anger against Lou and release those food items to Lou Children in Akobo, there’s no reason to call ourselves a Nuer Community.

If we truly means in our hearts to call ourselves Nuer Community, Gajiok must be condemn by Nuer in regard to this recent massacre, and for the prevention of food to access to Lou children in Akobo. We can do this, unless if we are organizing this community for show!

It is very important for Nuer people in this Nuer community to understand the feeling and fate of their own brothers. I believe we call this Nuer Community a community because we all agree and happy to call it that. If my family are being killed by the people who I am sharing the community with, do you think I will be loyal to that community?

When Lou civilians massacred our brothers and sisters in Torkech, we all condemned the killing. Then on June 12, 2009, Gajiok killed about 15 women and 38 children out of 132 people including 55 SPLA soldiers in the boats, Lou did not complained, and no one from our Gajiok condemn the killing even the umbrella of SPLA army the Chief Gat Hoth Mai did not said anything about it. But Lou still sits tide and wait.

If the 48 or 70 people who were killed in Torkech were revenged by 132 lives that were killed from Lou, plus food items and other UN materials our Gajiok looted in those boats, should that relieve the anger of our Gajiok brothers at least? Why planning another attack with Murle?

To Nuer community U.S.A

Few months back, the Lou Nuer community wrote a petition letter responding to the accusation letter that was first submitted by Nasir and Ulang communities. I overheard that some people were accusing me of writing those letters, and that it was not an appropriate for a person with a chair in the community to say that.

I want to frankly tell you Nuer, I Kueth Yul Diu Mock, I am not scary to say my words out whether physically or verbally in this Nuer community or in any gathering events or web Medias. If I feel to say anything, I have nothing to fear about for I know no man will ever put me back to the mother womb. I do not see any reason for people to complain that a person cannot contribute to his own community, that’s what I call a dictatorship way and I am not abide with it.

We live in a freedom world where people have freedom to express their feeling and ideas as long as they have legitimate reason to tell. Therefore, I am free to express my feeling at any time I feel to do so. Those letters was written by Lou Community, even if I contribute, it was my family contribution and no one can dictate that.

This paper is my own, should anyone have any concern about it, you’re free to direct your words to me, not the Lou Nuer community. I also warn all responders to reply only with legitimate reason; do not start insulting as small children do. We are grown men and when we talks, we have to talk base on reasoning.

Your turns:


Kueth Yul Dieu

The board is for us to exchange our opinions; everyone is encourage to use their sure name on the board. In addition, if you ever become violent to others, your name will be delete without notification
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Copy of my letter to Nuer
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