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 The newly appointed NCDS of Georgia repersentative!

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Mr.Brown Bol

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PostSubject: The newly appointed NCDS of Georgia repersentative!   Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:49 am

The newly appointed NCDS of Georgia State repersentative"


To All Naath People

The courageous men and women of Naath in Atlanta, Georgia converged, ironed out their differences and formed a strong transitional team that will represent them in Naath Communty Development Services (NCDS) in the United States of America. The meeting that was morderated by Ruach Koang Chol, the NCDS coordinator for Mid-Southern states, took place on Sunday, August 2, 2009 in a cordial atmosphere. The differences would slip out of hand had it not been the gracious speeches from Nuer elder and SPLM Representative CDR Philip Ruach Chan who spoke on a number of instances where he managed to normalized the two camps. This outstanding credit goes Philip Ruach Chan and the people of Georgia who compromised. The resolution states that this newly NCDS interim team will be fully supported, work together, and be loyal to NCDS president, Brown Both Bol, until the ratification of the Nuer constitution and by-laws. The structure of NCDS office in the state of Georgia remains as follows:

1. Mach Ruon Bithow NCDS Representative, Georgia

2. John Jock Biliew Deputy Represenative, Georgia

3. Buom Both Dingkar Secreatary of Information, Georgia

Pending the consultation among the members, the other officials will be annouced as soon as they are identified.

Best regards,

Gatluak Pal Chuol
NCDS spokesman for the Mid-Southern states
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The newly appointed NCDS of Georgia repersentative!
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