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 Another report from Uror community, but it look like it was written in the year 2007.

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Peter R. Gatkuoth

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PostSubject: Another report from Uror community, but it look like it was written in the year 2007.   Thu Sep 24, 2009 12:24 pm



REF: Border Disputes Report


Uror County is a home of Cheng – Dak (name of clan section), with its sub-sects of Jak, Yiol, and Bor section, it has its own sub-sections respectively. Jack has three sub-sects of Chee-Maikier, Chee-Lorjok and Chee-Kidiet. These above mentioned sub-sections of Jack are the inhabitants of Pajut which is now the center of the dispute. And all of these sub-sections are Lou-Nuer tribe by birth. They have been living in Pajut area since 1800th, before the Sudan independent in 1956. We know very well that Duk has been using different tactics to control Pajut and nearby villages, one of the youth empathize. According to our meeting discussion with chiefs of Cheng-Dak declared that they have taken this matter seriously, “saying that we cannot back down by intimidation”.

“So, Pajut which was formerly called Padiek is our home” they said. Duk County influence on Uror people began when the Norwegian Peoples Aid, NPA began to send food and non food items to Duk. Then, Duk authority used this food relief to gain population to its County. They have their storages at Fagak right on the border of Uror County to influence people of Uror. Then, anyone going there must be registered as a Nyarweang of Duk County. As a result, desperate people of Uror whom lost their cattle during last year disarmament registered to Duk County.

Although general food distribution was stopped, by all UN agencies, NPA still provides Duk County with food relief. The Commissioner of Duk, Mayian Ngor who was the former employee of NPA is behind the NPA food distribution to influence more people from Uror County. He told one of the chiefs that Gatluak Reath the Commissioner of Uror has no capacity for community support therefore you better join Duk County.

After the thorough investigation despite their disappointment we have found out that all of them wanted a peaceful solution with their neighboring Duk County. They are interrelated with marriage and culture influence on one another. They see no need to have conflict with Duk County. When we asked them if there should be any alternative way to move forward all various groups of Uror County responded that they all wanted a peaceful solution. They will welcome any agency or the government to come and settle the issue ones and for all. So, people on the both side of border can go back to their normal activities. What we all wanted is a peaceful settlement between Duk and Uror over Pajut area and surrounding villages they said.

Root Cause of Pajut Conflict

Although there were several issues that need not to be mentioned here in this report about the Pajut. The recent conflict in Pajut was stir up by Duk authority which blocked Census mapping team to go and mapped the villages under Uror administration. On 29th, of June 2007, mapping team went into Panyuk and WareWar villages. Before they could finished the WareWar they were told to leave the area immediately by local chiefs whom received order from Duk County Executive Director Monykuer Dut. Then, it became one of the issues plus other violations that Duk County did to Uror County in various locations.

The team came back without mapping the villages that were supposed to be mapped on that day. After Uror authority learned about the incident, they called the meeting and selected some local chiefs and 2 Payam administrators to go and check what was happened in those villages. We have no idea that Duk County mobilized local villagers to attack our team who went there for peaceful purposes.

The attack was ordered by Monykuer Dut, the Executive Director of Duk County. Therefore, we were attacked in our side not even in the side of self-claimed Duk County administration. Because we have not interested to fight with no reason we came back to Yuai and explaining all things to our Executive Director William Khor Reath. In that attack 2 people were killed. We want explanation from Duk on their motive to attack us and they were the ones who misbehave as we speak they still carrier out illegal activities.


Our meeting with head chiefs, chiefs, sub-chiefs and community leaders many grievances were raised. They said that Duk County is fueling the tension by playing illegal activities against Uror County. Duk County Commissioner Mayian Ngor used to conduct meeting in Uror County without permission from Uror County Commissioner Gatluak Reath Kuel and this is a sign of all these violation activities.

They went on to say they were marginalized by Duk County which use the Governor backup to make things harder for Uror County. In all those issues we have kept quiet. However, there will be a time where our patient may run out if the issue is not solved as soon as possible. “Down below, these are the things that grasp our attention” they said: these were read out by Ruot Lam (the head chief)

1. Pajut residents steal cattle from Uror County and they never been arrest by Duk authority or return back the cows to Uror County
2. they elope girls and they never settle marriages with girls’ parent
3. they abused any person who claimed to be from Uror County
4. they seize properties of Uror County
5. they appointing people as the chiefs whom declare themselves to be in Duk then they were told to go back and lobby for more people to maintain their positions
6. they are using NPA food relief to convert Lou Nuer into Nyarweang community
7. they have their social worker at Pajut who teach Dinka to them as a proof
8. not only Pajut they claimed even Yuai the headquarter of Uror County

The newly appointed chiefs in Pajut as of July 2007 by Duk County Commissioner Mayian Ngor, even though appointment of chiefs was hold until after the Census. Their names are as follow:

1.Dak Ruai Kuek Headchief from Cheng- Maikier

2.Kueth Changath Wuoi Chief from Cheng- Maikier

3.Tut Machot Tiop Sub chief from Cheng- Maikier

4.Tot Diew Wechtuor Sub chief from Cheng- Maikier

5.Khan Puok Yoah Sub chief from Cheng- Maikier

6.Lul Thot YuolPayam Administrator

7.Yian Machok Kuony Sub chief from Cheng- Lorjok

8.Thow Laam Pech Sub chief from Cheng- Lorjok

9.Majok Tot Nyoak Head chief from cheng- Kidiet

10.Kuol Tot Wal Sub chief from Cheng- Kidiet

11. Gatwech Manyang Deng Sub chief from Cheng- Kidiet

12. Tiop Pathel Kuor Sub chief from Cheng- Kidiet


Though we maintain our calmness since the beginning of all these, we want a peaceful solution that will give right to the right person in the parties involved. We want the national level of the Government of Southern Sudan to select people of good will to come and solve this problem along with Non governmental agencies. We did not mention Jonglei State because, the head of Jonglei State has already took side. He already abused his powers by siding with his own County Duk, on these entire ordeals.

He publicly said that Yuai is a party of Duk. So, we deem him as a part and parcel of the problem. Therefore, the governor is not a right person to oversee this issue. We are looking for a neutral body. However, there will be no mapping in Pajut area and surrounding villages until this issue is resolve. Further more, if Duk County will ever attempted to do illegal mapping on their own. We will intervene to interrupt it intentionally as they did to us one of chief said. So, we will not back down from this issue unless Duk County agrees on free movement of Census and Statistics team in Uror villages.

In addition, H. E. Governor Thon Leek told the President of Government of Southern Sudan not to visit Uror County; he claimed that Uror is not a secure place. But we know that is not the issue of insecurity, is because we selected Yuai as a County headquarters which is not in his favor. Again we appeal to the Government of Southern Sudan for peaceful solution before Census or mapping around the Pajut and surrounding villages respectively. We appreciated the roll that PACT SUDAN has taken and we urge PACT to take this initiative seriously without delay.


According to our view after consultations with youth, women, chiefs and administrators, we found out that they all want a peaceful approach to ease the tension between them with their brothers on the other side of the border. And it can be done through the hand of both non-governmental agencies and Government of southern Sudan. We, the Uror team that have been to the area, have seen a real tension if the matter is not solve on the timely manner. We recommend that Pact Sudan should take this report seriously. Because things may get out of control, this is what we have seen and heard from the people on the ground.

In addition, to this recommendation, youth and women should be engage through other programs such as creating youth activities in the areas. So, such the programs should engage them and keep them busy away from border issues. Among these programs sewing machine for women group and CPA orientation workshop and other youth activities for youth would be the best example to begin with. Other opportunities should be explore later when the two counties are brought together.


People of Uror County were very pleased with what Pact Sudan has done. They were appreciated the fact that the issue can be settle through a peaceful means. They went on to say that conflict is ugly and there is no need to fight over territory at this time. So, they said Nyarweang should stop influencing our brothers in Pajut because we are one family. They should get people from Uror to increase their numbers on up coming Census Report if they are using reasonable approach. So, their coercion against Uror will not help them at all. The best way is they have to accept the fact that Pajut is not a Nyarweang territory.

Since 1800th, this Pajut area was never been inhabitant by Nyarweang Dinka tribe. Deng Malual, their grandfather was the one who used British Colonial rulers to have say on Pajut while they have no present all in the area. So, districts were divided along ethnic line. However, Nyarweang should know this better. They were one district with Twic East County then now they are two different Counties. They don’t have Nyarweang in Twic East County as well as no Twic in Duk County. We hope the conference will clear every thing.

We want to empathize that any move from Pajut to conduct illegal mapping will not be tolerate. So they should understand what they have done to us when we sent our team to conduct mapping in the villages. Because Duk County is not interest in dialogue with us, they jailed people from Pajut whom accepted to meet us. This is the proof that shows that they are preparing for hostilities rather then the peaceful ones that we are talking about.

Finally, the above mentioned issues cannot take two Counties to the conflict if Duk understand the situation. So, we need to sit and discuss it until we found the solution. In our side in Uror County, we will be waiting to hear from Pact Sudan and other agencies. To result this issue ones and for all, so, people will go back to their normal activities.

Cc: Vice President Office of Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS)
Cc: Hon. Gabriel Yoal Dok Member of Council of the States
Cc: Hon. Gatkouth Kuich Member of Legislative Assembly
Cc: H. E. Philip Thon Leek Governor of Jonglei State
Cc: H. E. Hussein Mar Nyuot D/Governor of Jonglei
Cc: Gatluak Reath Kuel Commissioner of Uror County
Cc: Mayian Ngor Commissioner of Duk County

Uror Youth Association
Assessment Team
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Another report from Uror community, but it look like it was written in the year 2007.
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