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 Lou Nuer Community Development Internatioonal, Inc press statement

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PostSubject: Lou Nuer Community Development Internatioonal, Inc press statement   Fri Sep 25, 2009 7:46 pm


From: Lou Nuer Community Development International, Inc USA

We the Lou Nuer Community members here by alerting the international community and peace loving countries who share interest in political and peace development in the Sudan, particularly South Sudan as well as those countries who had been in support of peace between the Sudan government and the SPLM. We sincerely appreciate the effort made by international community that initiated the CPA of 2005, which eventually stop Africa’s longest civil war fought over two decades in Sudan.

We believed the US, the EU, the UN, and the African union, and the international development agencies, such as NGO’s are currently giving their full support to the SPLM-Government of South Sudan. However, and to the contrary, as international community devoted their resources in helping the Government of South Sudan to achieve effective governance, the government of Southern Sudan led by the Dinka’s have chosen to be selective on how these resources are allocated and deliver, this is not to mention which tribal communities are given the priority of government protection when it comes to security problem.

Moreover, the Dinka led SPLM government failed to provide adequate social services to all Southern Sudanese; continued to practice discriminatory policies in all government positions; while engaging in massive corruption. The results of such in effective government in South Sudan: is anarchy, insecurity, destitution, inter-tribal fighting; and hate politics.

Since the SPLM government took over South Sudan government, there had been many preventable tragic incidents in South Sudan. In the last few months alone, many lives were lost; communities been displaced; and innocents’ people died; and they will continue dying unless the international community involve to prevent anticipated genocide which is in the making against the Nuer by Dinka led government.

Since last year, Lou Nuer community had been raids by Murle gunmen leading to the death of over five hundred people including children and women. On several occasions, Lou Nuer community was attacked; their villages were burn down by Duke County Dinkas; and many more were killed. Yet the South Sudan Government failed to act. As recently as this month, a colonel belonging to SPLM army was murder daylight in Bor Town only because he happened to be Lou Nuer. Once again the SPLM government did nothing.

Again on March 11, 2009, the Duke County Dinka murdered Lou Nurs including women and children. In this time, the very SPLM Nuer police officials and seven Wild life officers who finished their training in their way to Nyirol County were also killed. In addition, 93,000 (Ninety three thousands Sudanese pounds of teachers salaries for the county were also taken at the same time by organized Duke Dinkas. The killing and the looting of money was done by the Duke County Commissioner Mr. Mayen Ngore. We believed, such evil action was taken with the knowledge of governor kuol Manyang Juuk; with the motive to prevent manpower and social services from reaching Nuers areas.

This is true because once again, on August 8, 2009, four million Sudanese pounds belongs to Ayod County (another Nuer County) were looted and robbed by the Duke County organized Dinka forces. As usual, and up to now, no legal action was taken by the Dinka led South Sudan government. Despite active complain from community of Lou Nuer and other Nuers in the state, the Dinka government refused to do anything, but condemning those raids.

As one can see, the Dinka led government had intentionally killed and looted the money which was going to social services of those Nuers counties. Moreover, since the South Sudan government was established the Bor Dinka blocked the roads going to Nuers counties and other tribes living in the states with intention to prevent them from social services and development. The Lou community has presented many complains time after time, but the Dinka led government of South Sudan did nothing (No Justice). Thus, “Justice Delay is justice Dined”.

Recently fueled by the failure or inaction from the Government of South Sudan members of Lou Nuer youth took justice in their own hands and attacked Duke County an act which we Lou Nuer members in United States condemned greatly because we believe tremendously on peaceful coexisting of communities. However, the reaction of the South Sudan Government in this particular incident has puzzled many people.

In the past few days, the Dinka-led SPLM government has been propagating and distorting the reality of what happened in Duke County of Jonglei state. The propaganda led and championed by the Duke County native, the Internal Minister of South Sudan Mr. Gier Chuang Aluong and Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk (both from Dinka Bor), alleged that the area was attacked by “a heavily armed militia”. This false accusation by SPLM officials was not only aimed at manipulating the international community but also was intended at diverting the inter-tribal conflict between the Dinka and Nuers, and thereby, hoping to mobilize the SPLM army against the Nuer.

We the Lou Nuer community strongly and equivocally condemned such political manipulation and distortion and urge the Sudanese, particularly Southern Sudanese at large to ignore this cheap propaganda aimed at nothing but the protection of Dinka community. The cheap talks about “the government of South Sudan vows to protect civilians”. Again, this is yet, another dangerous political deception. The issue at hand and the questions need to be address here is that: Where was the South Sudan government when the Equatoreians civilians were subsequently killed? Where was the South Sudan government when the Luo and Murle civilians killing each other leaving more than 1000 civilians dead? Where was the South Sudan government when inter-tribal fighting took place in equatorians, which left many civilians dead? Where was the so called South Sudan government when innocent Shuluk were killed daylight in front of Salva Kirr?

Here we do not need a rocket scientist to prove to us the logic of Dinka government. The truth of the matter is that: the lives of 60 Dinkas are more of value and important than the lives of 1000 Lou Nuer and Murle; 1200 lives of equatorians civilians, as well as other Southerners. Thus, the so called “South Sudan vows to protect civilians” not only a cheap approach, but a pretext created by the Dinka elites to use the SPLA army to commit atrocity against the Nuer as they did last time.

As we speak, the Dinka-led government had mobilized a large military forces equipped with modern tanks and others military weapons and launched it to Lou Nuer areas with an objective of destroying Lou Nuer people in revenge of Duke county incident. Currently, some attempts are being made to stop the SPLM troop mobilization, but to no avail. The attempt is impossible because personal vendettas of Internal Minister Mr. Gier Chuang Aluong who is from Duke County and Governor Kuol Manyang (both Dinka). Therefore, the current action being taken by the minister of interior and the governor undeniably demonstrated their willingness to enforce the so call laws only when their tribe being subject to the same suffering, which many south Sudanese had endured.

We are concern that an arrival of those military to Lou Nuer areas will cause genocide, because Lou Nuer will not see the present of SPLA forces in their areas as friendly and for security purposes, but as intervening enemy forces. Therefore, any foreseeable act that can cause genocide must be stop before it happened. Therefore, we are appealing to the international community to intervene and stop political disaster, which we believe will have a great impact on the CPA.


The United Nations Security Council, New York,
The President of the United States, Obama,
The European Union
The Union of Africa
Mr. Sava Kiier, President of South Sudan
Dr. Reik Macher, Vice President of South Sudan

Lou Nuer Community Development International, Inc USA
Gatluak Kuenywar: President of (LNCDII)
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PostSubject: Re: Lou Nuer Community Development Internatioonal, Inc press statement   Sat Sep 26, 2009 10:32 pm

Thank you Mr. President of Lou Nuer Development International in USA, this is what the president of the community can do to their people, to stand up for them.

Mr. President, You the voice of the community, when you stand up for their right, the rest will stand up with you then the world will hear the Voice of community. This is a first step toward to tell the world that our people are innocent. They have been killed months by months, years by years and their properties have been taken daily by some groups and the GOSS has been keeping salient or doing nothing about it then taking a side

When we tell our story to the world there may be some changes because UNHCR agencies are every where in South Sudan, when some of Politian or media do their lying to protect their community the rest of the world will know who is untruthful.

This is a great article

Thank you for doing that

Great Job

Tut Wuor Gatkuoth
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Lou Nuer Community Development Internatioonal, Inc press statement
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