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 The Nuer tribe National convention in U.S.A.

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Mr.Brown Bol

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PostSubject: The Nuer tribe National convention in U.S.A.   Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:12 am


Please be an registered member in order to attend the NCDS convention"

The NCDS leadership in the United States is hereby announcing to all Nuer sons and Daughters living around the globe that, the Nuer General Convention will officially take place in November of 2009 here in the United States of America (U.S.A). The NCDS general membership and its leadership under President Brown Both Bol are invited all Nuer members throughout the world to come and joint their Brothers and Sisters in the United States to discuss our grievances. The NCDS general membership and its leadership are excited to oust this important occasion and we are urging all Nuer Sons and Daughters worldwide to feel in the same manners of gratitude for our impending Nuer Family General Convention event. However, we are also exhorting distance members to arrive to State of Nebraska one or two days before Nuer General Convention has begun. The stakes are too high for Nuer Ethnic Society to come altogether this time around to discuss our future fates.

A: The following are important information criterions needed the most:
1. The venue will be Omaha, Nebraska,
2. The Nuer General Convention will be started on Thursday November 26 through Sunday November 29, 2009 and it will last for four days.
3. The physical Convention site will be announced to you shortly when it is available.

B: The other announcements below are our obligations to obtain NCDS memberships and to raise fund for Nuer General Convention event. This information is concerned and mere directed to unregistered members in the U.S because we need all Nuer sons and daughters to attend that important event.

1. For your vividly information, the upcoming Nuer General Convention will be limited to register members only,

2. For this reason above, we are exhorting all Nuer sons and daughters who are living in the United States to go and see their State Representatives to register themselves.

3. For those who are living in Rural Town or Cities and have no easily accessed to their State Representatives, we have a mechanism for you. That mechanism is this, the Department of Mobilizations and Registrations will bring enough NCDS membership application forms to the Convention place for you to register yourself and pays fees before entered into the convention Hall.

4. The fees are twenty dollars (20) for family and ten (10) dollars for single person.

5. If you don’t believe to fulfill above obligations, we are asking you not to waste your time and money to travel to State of Nebraska because you will be denied an entrance to General Convention Hall due to membership fallout.

C: However, we, the residents here in the U.S are indiscriminately obligated to pay:

1. Ten (10) dollars each to fund Nuer general Convention. We are asking you once again to see your State Representatives to pay them your Ten (10) dollars Convention Contributions. However, they (State Representatives their staffs) will be busy between now and then to collect that amount from all active members.
6. The same scenario applies to those unregistered members who will start register themselves from now until the first day of Nuer General Convention,
7. As such, we require all members to pay their picture ID card fees of five Dollars because we need every member to wear his/her NCDS membership ID card during the General Convention and We believe that you can handle paying five (5) since you have already handled to pay twenty (20) Dollars or ten (10) dollars membership fees.
8. For unregistered members, you will be required to pay:

• Twenty or Ten (10) dollars membership fees for family and single, respectively,

• Then Ten (10) dollars Convention Contributions, and

• Plus five (5) dollars NCDS membership ID card fees.

9. For registered members, we are required you to pay:

• Ten (10) Convention Contribution and

• Five (5) dollars NCDS membership ID card fees, if you have not yet paid yours. There are members who have paid their Photo ID card fees in full, especially the residents of State of South Dakota and we are appreciated their hard work and vivid understanding of NCDS business. The most members in that State of South Dakota, if not all have paid their memberships ID card fees.

For your concrete clarification, nevertheless, we are not asking anything from all Nuer people who are living in Diaspora, but living outside the United States. We are considered you as guests and you will only transport yourselves to Nuer General Convention venue and the above criterions are only requested from the NCDS members who are currently living in the United States.

However, we are asking your solidarities and efforts, especially its members in the United States to help the NCDS administration leadership to make that pending Nuer General Convention to successfully happening. We believe that it is up to us to make ourselves understand one another as sole people. This is onset to unite ourselves and bear healthy and fruitful understand amongst ourselves for us to withstand and standstill our differences and to moving on with fresh starting. The NCDS Leadership is here to do just that. We are exhorting you all to campaign for the success of that wonderful Nuer General Convention and make sure that all Nuer members throughout the world have got this piece of information.

Our Almighty God will keep you all in peace and guards you on your ways to State of Nebraska, and to the United States for those who will travel to the United States from all continents of the world. Once again, we are thankful to all of you for giving us these opportunities to serve this wonderful Community at this crucial moment.

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Brown Both Bol
NCDS, Inc USA President
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The Nuer tribe National convention in U.S.A.
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