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 Gordon Buay Malek Chol Is the mad dog without tail

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Peter R. Gatkuoth

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Registration date : 2008-12-28

PostSubject: Gordon Buay Malek Chol Is the mad dog without tail   Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:23 pm

Gordon Buay Malek is a Mad Dog in public without tail.

Dear Public, SPLM Forum Members

First, excuse my language in respond to Gordon Buay Malek Chol/Gatluak Kam/Simon Peter and now the Abraham Garang. Yesterday evening, exactly at 6:12PM Western Canadian time, I wrote a condolence note to Mr Kal Duoth Deng for the death of the Nuer chief in Longechuk County. My respond is pasted below. Please read this message if I had said anything against Gordon Buay Malek/Simon Peter/Gatluak Kam/Abraham Garang before you read my respond to the above mentioned Satan or Mr. many names.

Date: Sunday, November 8, 2009, 6:12 PM
Dear Kal Duoth Deng,
My sincere condolences to the family, and the community of the victim (Chief Mr. Dobuol). We hope that everything will be brought to end through justice. I deeply appreciate your nicely and intellectual reaction. You have said it loud and I salute you brother. I also wish the SPLM society/party in the Malakal to work hard and choose a good leader through recommendation of the President Salva Kiir Mayardit because Malakal is one of the NCP zones where things are running out of hands. We wish all your decision come true and nominate other person within the SPLM party. Ezekiel Gatkuoth is doing a great job here in State and it would be impossible for him to leave this job while he is doing great as you demonstrated. I hope you understand my input and thank you.

First let me remind you of the verse/quote when Jesus found Satan man on the river bank Galile. Satan man was asked that “who are you? He answered that I am many things.” The reason I first quoted this statement is because of the many names and parties you use, claims and run between Mr. Buay Malek Chol. Your names and “Political prostituteness” qualify you to be referred back to the Satan’s works.

Several times you attacked me, but I always avoid you and might be many people do the same like me. You have tried many times to accused good people who are valued in their respective places, and went far even to the public, abusing the general communities such as what you have done back in the days to Bhar El Ghazal communities, Bor community, Nuer communities and so forth. Had it not been because some Dinka are brave, fierce and would not do any secrete harm, your crazy head would have been in the sandy ground in Juba today because of what you have done, calling the Kiir Mayardit’s administration as “Gorial Kitchen Cabinet” and then return to them claiming to get money for the mobilization of SSDF members to be integrated to the SPLM party while you are not even confirmed yet in the party.

In reality, I am wondering to whom Gordon Buay Malek favor on the earth. At least all human might like one or two persons, but Gordon Buay or Mr. Many names loves nothing than his small st…... and would not back up any human being on earth. Years ago, he wrote many articles against Dr. John Garang De Mabior (calling the public that Garang days are numbered), Dr Riek Machar, Kiir Mayardit, Ezekiel Gatkuoth, Pagan Amun, all Gajiok intellectuals and so forth. His aim is undefined and the public have confused of how to handle Gordon Buay/Gatluak Kam/Simon Peter/Abraham Garang/Democrat.

In most instances, most of the Nuer intellectuals warned him that you are not safe and therefore should give up those negative criticisms against individuals/leaders or many people. Unlike any one else, Gordon Buay qualify the name Satan. He used to be the representative of Greater Equartoria in Europe, The Nuer intellectual Union representative in Omaha, Nebraska and many more.

Days and nights, Gordon Buay never sleeps trying to sort out how to risky human being on earth. His aims and interest is just to harm people and he is indeed happy when some one gets into trouble through his ways. Many days ago, he claims and named some Nuer that they are Ethiopian because he wants the public to discredit some individuals who work hard and promote the vision of the SPLM as a part. I am wondering if the People are not aware of him or yet learnt about the Satan, Mr. Gordon Buay Malek or in short many names.

Gordon Buay Malek who used to be the guerrilla wild Political prostitute of Ethiopia, fighting the current Ethiopia Prime become again the South Sudanese wild Political Prostitute, I am wondering how??? I really want to know who registered him in the first place in the SPLM forum. He just divorced from all parties and run dialy attacks to risk individuals because he failed himself and wants other to fail as well. If some one wants to come across this game, let him go and counselling Buay Malek chol first. Buay does not even qualify to insult me. If this is the Nuer culture, he should sit there with the women for he has no ways to come and insult me where the men sit. I will fight him until the last minutes.

If its the leadership of the SPLM who registered him to be the party member, they must first terminate my membership in this forum; otherwise, daily confrontation between me and Gordon or this Political prostitute who divorced recently from Omar El Bhasir, Dr. Dechand, SSDF and all those parties is endless. I want to know Buay physically and mentally. I will fight this lawless Anyuak until the final days.
Gordon, back in the days (1998), you wrote an article against the Ethiopia Government when all Sudanese were rounded up in Addis Ababa to Assosa. You insulted the President of Ethiopia that, you the citizen of Ethiopia would not be rounded up because you are an Ethiopian. It was the time I was under the sponsorship of UNHCR, doing my High School in Gambella, Ethiopia. Today, you turned around and accused the Nuer who fought harder in the struggle unlike you Mr. Many names. Do you have any credit or is there any one to remember what you have done rather than fighting for Ethiopia bread (daboo) in Ethiopia?

In regard to your local message you have written to me because I mentioned the name of the Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth or my condolence to the family of the Chief Dobuol Deng Bakith, I have not say anything wrong, had it not been because you only monitor any one who say anything about Ezekiel Gatkuoth or Kiir Mayardit administration. Your allegations against me are just based on speculation, but would not tolerate this message like the many messages you had written back in the days against me. You have stated that “I have jumped to Jikany issues without enough knowledge.” What have I done in the above message rather than my condolence? If my condolence brings a problem, I would be advised by the GaatJaak community than you the Satan or Mr. many names. You are not from the Gaatjaak community. If your comments on the Nuer issues are more needed, then I must fully qualify to comment on the Gaatjaak issue because you are an Anyuak and I am a Nuer. Whose comments would be better, an Anuak or Nuer in the Nuer issues? Gordon, your abusing language in many fora are in considerations and I declared my position to face you physically, mentally, politically and intellectually. What every ways you choose.

Furthermore, do not wish all people to fight your enemy in the Nuer society or the Anuak society, wherever you ended up as the member. You must know that your enemy are the best friends to others, and do not make any mistake to urge people to fight your war. Ezekiel has nothing with me and I would never insult him in public with no reasons because you disagreed with him after you claim to have the money for the mobilization of unknown SSDF members.

For the issue of the deputy Governor of the Upper Nile, I have not said that Ezekiel is going to be the deputy Governor. It’s not my task to appoint any one or myself, but could give a thorough view as the citizen of the country. If I have chance to comments on the issue of the Malakal, I will do so without fear because it’s the same country we are always fighting for. Ezekiel Gatkuoth whom you face and criticize in the media will rule and hold public posts ten times before you become a wildlife officer in Nyangore payam or Joor district of Anyuak.

Buay Malek, do not expect me to be objective, consistent and fair with you any more. I am totally disenchanted and could not longer accept your offensive language and positivity bias against me. For you allegations and baseless accusations that “I have jumped to your problem; and the Nuer community intellectual would not respect me any more,” I would like the Nuer intellectual or Sudanese community in general to comments on the issue here and judge us who is wrong and who did attack first. Since you insulted and wrote to me on Sept 28/09, I stopped even to comment on any article you comments on. I was wondering about the Nuer Senior politician you used to refer us to. Isn’t the Nuer elders we all share or you have other Nuer politician you own rather than the one you’re victimizing daily by using their names for your own purposes. Come on loud and tell me where you want us to face each other! No tolerant to you the mad dog!! The Jikany community you are referring your said to are not your own people alone. I can still face you there and if I fail in any contest against you, I would rather kill myself than to accept your defeat. Who are you in the first place? Remember, when you point your finger at me, make sure that three of your fingers are pointing back at you!

God bless you!
Peter Reat Gatkuoth
Canada, Edmonton.
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Peter R. Gatkuoth

Number of posts : 35
Registration date : 2008-12-28

PostSubject: Re: Gordon Buay Malek Chol Is the mad dog without tail   Fri Nov 13, 2009 3:40 pm

The respond to the recent post of Buay Malek Chol Kam


Wasting time with you is the question in hand. Many people know you; and how come you talk about the rule while you are the very obvious human who violate the very ethic or Sudanese norm by having more than one names, and been a representative of many organizations. Gatluak Kam is you. You were the Nuer Union in North America representative. The Equatorian Representative in Europe, The Nuer Elder Intellectual Union in Nebraska, and the one you are now designing to be aired recently.

Look, you are in a big question. Though all the elders of Nuer whom you use to quote ignored you, you will face the deadly and constant confrontation from the Young Nuer people and you have no place, no place for sure in any government. Those who ally themselves with you will also end up in garbage and will never success because they are seen as an obstacle to the government. Your political prostituteness will bring those who support you in question. Simon Peter was recommended by a person in Washington DC and there is already confirmed as you. I would not blame the one who recommended you, but my fight will never stop if you still writings in the SPLM forum you thought is your house. I will go Dinka with you if they are the only one you thought will solve your problem, ye no harm to me as long as I took the responsibility of this action.

When you remarry the SPLM party by aim, your name Gordon Buay was recommended by Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth himself, but when you disagreed with Lol, you when around trying to find those who don't like Lol Gatkuoth so that they recommend you. There is no question about this name. I think it’s the third time that we brought it up and most know no other human than you.

For you those who don't know Buay Malek Chol Kam who always claims that he has been trained when he was young as 13 yrs old ( I don't know who waste time to trained him and for what purpose?), you are wasting time and putting your image in very question. If you are friend to Buay, you fall into the problem because he will even use your name for different purpose and tell other that you told them this and that just for the purpose of gaining truth. This young man grown up on run and therefore knew nothing about the cultural rule and norms. He usually does not differentiate what is good or bad. Buay can insult even his father age mate and would never care about what he said.

Back in the days, he went to the elders meeting in Ontario, and because he has no respect for old people; he told them that "I waste my time to attend your meetings while you can't produce anything mentally. Better then the ten books I read in my house." The elders almost felt anger, but people knew him well this guy has grown up on go and could not know what can hurt him later principally.

Basically, Nuer or Sudanese in general were hunt by Gatluak kam (Buay) for years and some were even accused that they were Gatluak Kam. After a great search, a team of the group went to different areas to find the real Gatluak kam. There was no Gatluak Kam in the town he used to mention in his signature. Afterall Gatluak Kam became Buay Malek Chol Kam and indeed the name Gatluak (Nick) Kam (Grandfather’s name) was one of his relative names in the family. What a great destruction had Gatluak Kam done to the Sudanese in general?

When he noted that Gatluak Kam became known to many people, Buay Malek Chol Kam run to create another organization to fight his own interest. He noticed that we the people in Canada are monitoring his activities night and day and therefore, should not success in creating anything beyond the name we discover. Buay locked on his computer and create the Organization of Nuer Elders intellectual Union in Nebraska to blindfold other that they might not discovered him. I myself sent some one to check the address in Nebraska, Omaha; but nothing was found there, no address at all. It became clear that Buay is the one writing and using the name of Nuer Elder intellectual in that part of the world. After a great battle between him and the one of Honest man and the organizational representative here in Alberta; Buay quit the organization and until today, nothing had ever appear written by this organization of Nuer Elders Intellectual Union because he knew that we caught him, we got him and many people knew after the search that this is Buay Malek chol, a man who grown up on run. Now this organization died and Buay jump again to look for other options. The option became Simon Peter and Abraham Garang plus the organization under planning.

The organizations headed by Gordon Buay malek Chol have done a very great destruction at that day if you can remember. Buay as an organization representative wrote that the Nuer elders Intellectual Union called for the dismissal of Paulino matip Nhial. He also called for the dismissal of Dr. Riek Machar during the failed election of the SPLM last three years or so, that the Nuer community agreed to replace Riek Machar. You all came across this statements and I don't want to inky you about it again since you all have a thorough experiences. How do you digest these statements? Is this statement good for us or bad if Buay intent to create a problem within the SPLM? His interest is that he wants the SPLM army to fight within and then the PMO (People’s movement organization) will died out and there the vision become ruin as if he will achieve anything after all. Because he noticed a great failure in himself, his interest is that if some one rather than the current Lt. Generals came to power, he would have chance to get something like the Gate keeper or he might be happy after we all join the bush as if he might hold AK47.

For those of you who are not familiar of his writing, go back to the old articles and look at those articles. Compare the tone of the languages and reasoning. You will end up by knowing that this boy is just a real Satan. The reason he creates the name Abraham Garang is because many people especially the Nuer discovered the Name Simon peter, and then he wants to confuse people that he is indeed a Dinka and from there he can hurt much more than we expect. Buay Malek's wording are obvious and a person like me know very well that even if he cry like hyenas, I will definitely recongize his voice and the statement said by him.


The question of Buay's membership will sometime reach the office of the SPLM and those who considered him with all those names are the one hurting the office of the SPLM because Buay Malek Chol work with multiple organizations that aim to destabilize the CPA and the SPLM vision. He is indeed an eye watch and Frontline Media Fighter (FMF) to some group. If you keep him here while we questioned his identity, you are the one to be blamed one day because his being here is to bring misunderstanding between us and the back as a goal achiever.

I will write to the head office because it seems that nothing is considered here in this forum. Although you created this board by yourself, we still have right to recognize and depend the vision of the SPLM not to be spoiled by Gordon Buay who made himself to be one of the rare political prostitute. Gordon Buay Malek is an Ethiopian by nationality and back in the days, most of the people know him well. His real name was Girma. Because Gordon Buay could not sit, walk and stand political in one position, he destroyed his image with the Gambella Nuer community. He would not visit Ethiopia by then because he is indeed playing a big role to bring people into fight especially some community in Nuer Zone. Look at the statement is said about one of the official and honest person named Goanor Yar. His intention was to cause a problem between the Gaajaak communities and then people who are close to Goanor will perhaps second the question he raised. Overall, those are lies. Ezekiel could not send $10,000 dollar so that Goanor Yar's life could be risked and wasted. What is the benefit to Nuer and to the Ezekiel Lol gatkuoth himself if he did so? It’s just a Tit for Tat game to bring Gaajaak community into the big misunderstanding and afterall; no benefit for him. One could save such an amount instead of sending them to do baseless work without benefit. In reality, you can hire this boy to kill his family member or even his real father if you have money because his interest for money is what will kill him tomorrow. Gordon Buay's problem is to get money first and if you fail to give him ten bucks in your office, you are in trouble. He will bad inky you for many years until you respond in person.

Back in the days, I was laughing when I heard about the Washington DC declaration. Who is Gordon Buay first to sign a declaration with the SPLM office? There are many officials who contribute in the Movement's struggle, but at the time they rejoin the movement again, their coming back were never celebrated. Famous people who did even capture the enemies’ garrisons came back, but I never heard any celebration. The Washington DC declaration is an insult to the SPLM office and therefore must be investigated. Gordon Buay destroyed the image of the SPLM and it doesn't matter what he has brought with him back from the NCP, SSDF and the SPLM-DC. His coming back is like the coming back of the woman who committed adultery and then claims to come back where her children are after being confused between the young boys. Because people are conditioned for the question of kids, they would let her sit, but she might never regain any respect.

For you the SPLM highest rank officers and senior politicians, watch out about this human. His regular networking with you is not to bring better than spoiling your names. When he speaks to you, you have to know that he is going to call Nafi Nafi or Dr. Lam Akol to explain what he got from you. Gordon Buay is a real Political Prostitute and he would definitely harm not only ordinarily citizens, but his ideas will assassinate most of the tops officers/politicians in the movement. You must distant yourself from him and know very well that when he talk to you, he is going to call all the opposition organizations. I will respond later if the time allows me so. I am writing while doing something else. Fighting continues..................

God bless you Buay and prepare for constant confrontations.

Peter Reat Gatkuoth
Edmonton, Alberta.
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Gordon Buay Malek Chol Is the mad dog without tail
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