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 Emergency message to all NCDS members

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Mr.Brown Bol

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PostSubject: Emergency message to all NCDS members   Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:50 pm

Emergency message to all NCDS of U.S.A.'s members and their leaders"


Death occurred in NCDS family and need all of our help"

A emergency contribution needs bady on the Nuer son who past away last thursday in Taxes, the NCDS of Taxes state chairman appeal to us to help the vitim buried, they was told by the hospital authorities to come up with money or the dead body will be burn by the weekend according to the report coming to my attention this afternoon.

I urged all NCDS states representatives and their members to do whatever they can to collect mone as soon as possible, in order to get the vitim buried, also I urged all Chie lang people whom are close parents of vitim to do their part immidiately, the guy name is Khor, Mr.Gatjeny Matai who is now the NCDS representative, will expect us others Nuer members across the country to help their hands in Taxes.

I personaly would like to get this message into attention of these four guys"

Mr.Geng Dol

Mr.Chan Mark

Mr.Chuol Puk

Mr.Wiyual Mayian

Folks please, try to call the NCDS of Taxes chairman Mr.Gatjeny Matai and Uncle Lul Top for the details, I try to call both Gatjeny and Uncle Lul Top, but signal failed, I will keep tring. Phone #817-715-3761


Mr.Brown Both Bol

The NCDS chief
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Emergency message to all NCDS members
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