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 The NCDS National Convention in U.S., is next week folks!

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PostSubject: The NCDS National Convention in U.S., is next week folks!   Wed Nov 18, 2009 5:29 pm




413 1st AVENUE, NW FARIBUALT , MN 55021

PHONE: (615) 275-5074

November 17, 2009.

Dear Nuer Worldwide,

The NCDS, Inc USA is hereby reminding all Nuer worldwide concerning the upcoming Nuer Convention that will take place on USA Thanksgiving Holiday weekend and it will start:

1. WHEN OR DATE: On Thursday November 26 through 28, 2009’

2. LOCATION: Council Bluffs, Iowa that is bordering the city of Omaha , Nebraska .

3. PLACE & ADDRESS: MID-AMERICA CENTER : 1 Arena way Council Bluffs , Iowa 51501 .

4. TIME: Each event will start at 11:00AM to 6:30PM.

5. RECESS: The Convention participants or attendees will take Two Hours Recess after 6:30PM and reports back to convention hall at 8:30 PM Central time zone (CTZ) each day for further rather entertainments and Fundraising Party those will run though 1:00AM in the morning.

We are asking every single Nuer son and daughter around the globe to prepare yourself to attend November 26 through 28, 2009 impending event and to discuss peace and reconciliations issues, Social issues, political issues, developments issues and all our grievances issues which we are not aware of. Bringing ultimately changes into Nuer Society is not an easily assignment mandate to do and not a one man or woman vital duty, but it needs instinct to fulfill that difficult mandate with help of all citizens of the said, sole Nuer Society. Henceforth, everyone of us is needed to come and joints with us and helps us out with those uneasiness circumstances engulfed our daily lives here in Diaspora and back home in Southern Sudan , especially in Nuerland.

The Nuer Community Development Services (NCDS, Inc) is a community base organization that was formed Eleven (11) years ago in the United States of America in order to assist the Nuer community members to help prospering their daily lives in the Diaspora and back home. Among all its objectives and programs, this community organization is to help with peace building mentality activities in our Nuer Society throughout the globe by bringing altogether the Nuer as sole people for their betterment.

The following stipulated are the most important topics or criterions which both NCDS Convention Committee and whole Boards office have agreed upon for participants to choice which of these topic one is interesting to give his/her thoroughly official speeches about.

1. Peace, Security and Reconciliation amongst Nuer sons and daughters in Sudan , Ethiopia and in Diaspora Communities.

2. Political Situations in Sudan in both sectors, North and South.

3. Education, Economics and overall Developments in Nuerland

4. Social issues such as (religious freedom, Marriage, Rearing Family) and etc

We are asking whoever is interesting to give us an official speech on the above aforementioned stipulated topics or criterions to come forward officially with an official requesting note within three days run from November 17 through 20, 2009. Its truly that some people, especially our brothers and sisters who will be coming from oversea in Africa continent have already asked our office about the topics which they are interesting to give and official speech about. However, we have assigned some to them and some are reserving for us here, the Diaspora residents. As we all know that, the first comes, the first services. Its absolutely up to someone to submit your requesting note as soon as possible. As such, we need all participants to practice their Convention official speeches even thoroughly because they will be timing and we will need them to exactly give their official speeches within the giving timeframes.

Finally, this convention or conference is aiming at bringing ultimately vital understandings amongst the Nuer sons and daughters, in regardless of their political affiliations in order for them to become bedrock contributing factors to peace and stability in Southern Sudan and especially in Nuerland. In clearing some furthers confusion concerned which city is hosting Nuer Convention, the city that is hosting Nuer Convention is Omaha , Nebraska , but the convention gathering site rented is located at other side of borderline that is Council Bluffs , Iowa located at east border. For further inquiries please do not hesitant to call Mr. Biel Jock Thich, the Media and Communication officer at 402-504-0433 or Mr. Deng Turuok Liem, the Convention Committee Media and Communication Assistant officer at 515-770-2535 or dengliem2009@ yahoo.com. We hope to see you all next week in Omaha , Nebraska .

Faithfully Yours,

Deng Turuok Liem

Midwest States Coordinator and Convention

Committee Media and Communication Assistant
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The NCDS National Convention in U.S., is next week folks!
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