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 We must follow up on our Nuer webs masters rules!

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Mr.Brown Bol

Number of posts : 33
Location : Tennessee
Job/hobbies : Chairman of NCDS OF u.s.a.
Humor : Man of his word
Registration date : 2009-03-16

We must follow up on our Nuer webs masters rules! Empty
PostSubject: We must follow up on our Nuer webs masters rules!   We must follow up on our Nuer webs masters rules! I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 20, 2009 5:42 pm

Hello NCDS members and participtants of the NICF forum, folks as your leader of NCDS of U.S.A., I would like to inform you that, I did ordered the NCIF forum head Mr.Isaac K.Gang and his fellow moderators team to begins watching those who used inapprepiate languanges against others Nuer folks on our belove forum, immidiately anyone beginning from this date of Nove/20/2009 by using insulting words ,airing anythings that may be against anyone in this forum, that person email will be deletes from the NCIF forum without warning, and that based on the agreement I made today with NCIF moderators's head Mr.Isaac K.Gang.

The groups of yahoo created for us Nuer three and haft [3,1/2 ] years ago by this team, in order to discussed our best interesting debates aritcles that will leads us Nuer to future thoughts, now it's seemed that others used it to published their hatred and personalities by not confronts those persons, but on hiding media network called ineternet or webs's discussion boards, somes Nuer webs sites masters doesn't care to overlook viewers articles, because they loves their hatred words to be care out and airs too by others but not them, Mr. Isaac K.Gang and his team will start their crucials work beginning today, by looking on those folks that only dealing to insults instead encourages others to go forwards for our Nuer future aricles, failure to agree with us my friends, I think that will results of loosing you to communicates our's useful debates together with you, and share ideas as Nuer family as well.

Mr.Brown Both Bol

The NCDS of U.S.A's chief
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We must follow up on our Nuer webs masters rules!
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