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 "Invite our Commissioners to case study" A suggestion to us in Western world.

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"Invite our Commissioners to case study" A suggestion to us in Western world. Empty
PostSubject: "Invite our Commissioners to case study" A suggestion to us in Western world.   "Invite our Commissioners to case study" A suggestion to us in Western world. I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 01, 2009 4:43 pm

Introduction: Duer Chol the current commissioner of Ulang County. Ulang County is a newly county in Upper Nile State, it originated from well known town Nasir in among all towns in Southern Sudan during the British Colonial. Today, Ulang become a county itself with its Payams, it stands alone with it’s people who are around Ulang areas.

Mr. Duer Chol: Commissioner of Ulang County
Mr. Duer Chol: commissioner of Ulang County arrived in United States, on Thursday 25, 2009 and landing safely in destination at Omaha Airport in same day he arrived in United States. The NCDS was invited him to attend NCDS Convention in United Stated on November 26 - 27, 2009. Jikany community has appreciated the NCDS leadership and also give thank to USAID (United States Agency International Development) who sponsored Ulang County commissioner financially, it’s the first time for him to visit United States. Ulang County commissioner Mr. Duer was resided in Australia before he appointed to commissioner post. He was sympathized to return home and help the children of Ulang County in Upper Nile State while his children still live in Melbourne Victory, Australia without guardien.

On Sunday November 29, 2009 at 4:15 PM at Trinity Lutheran Church in Omaha, Nebraska, Jikany community members have made a wonderful time with Ulang County commissioner Duer Chol to discuss the things went wrongly in Jikany land for many years.

Briefing: Mr. Duer Chol has briefed Jikany members about the situation back home mentioning development, unity among Southern Sudanese, and reconciliation in among you guys starting from grass root level. Jikany Community members were very excited to hear a good speech from Ulang County commissioner Duer Chol. He has clarified the beneficial of four countries and the technique they are standing now as commissioners of Jikany, the four counties commissioners of Nasir, Ulang, Longichuk, and Maiwut are working together as same way they use to do when they were under Nasir, there is no change at all, the system still same as Jikany people in eastern Upper Nile. The government of South Sudan has created that system for purpose and that why we have divided into four counties which is good opportunity for our future development in Jikany land, he added.

Audience: The audiences were given a chance to ask questions for only two minutes per person, the audiences have directed question to commissioner. The all questions were straight to all about the situation in Nuer Land: fighting between clans, Security issues, Development in Nuer areas, NGOS lack of concern in Great Upper Nile, and community differences in North America. The fourteen questioners and audiences were given thank to commissioner Duer Chol for the leadership skill he has shown to Jinkany community members in North America because he reply all questions accurately as all they needed.

The questioner’s names or those who got chance to raise questions during the meeting with commissioner, and their name are: Komach Deng Dey, Jinub Bum Deng, Thomas Tuom Dech, Gatluak Deng Got, Wiyier Tut Luak, Nyabuoy Gatluak Tut, Buk Gaak, James Gatwech Kong, Nyalol Dup, Peter Pal Rambang, Goihoa Biliw Poal, Peter Pal Bol, Peter Yak Gach, and Chuol Deng Dak.

Lastly: Mr. Duer was alerted all Jikany members to prepare themselves for coming election of referendum, its very importance for you guys to vote for referendum. Jinkany people in Diaspora must be united because they have a big role in South Sudan or Sudan in general to keep the comprehensive peace agreement implemented, and you need to be ready to vote for referendum which is very good for all of us and the future of our children. The chair of meeting Mr. Nit Tut Wang, and Mr. Chuol Deng Dak say good luck, and have nice stay after the end of meeting.

Dear Brothers and sisters. Could we do the same by inviting our commissioners to come and reason togather so that we can be able to know how things are going on in our areas and maybe find some ways of tackling them. For our leaders to come here is another case study for them because they will learn new life from the western world where development is number one agenda. We have seen how important it is to bring food from different sources and being eaten in one household. This is a suggestion and let think about it. Thank you and have a nice time. Kueth Yoh, Edmonton, Canada.
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"Invite our Commissioners to case study" A suggestion to us in Western world.
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