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 The resolution of NCDS National convention!

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PostSubject: The resolution of NCDS National convention!   Tue Dec 01, 2009 10:50 pm

From: NCDS , USA Adminstration

To: All Nuer World Wide

Subject: Nuer Community Convention Resolutions

Date: 12/01/2009

Dear All Nuer Sons and Daughters World Wide,

The NCDS, USA administration is here by conveying its appreciation to all Nuer sons and daughters world wide that have traveled from all corners of the world to attend the Nuer convention here in the United States of America .

Many thanks to those who came from Australia , Canada and Africa to be part of the convention; this proves their love for Naath Community. Also in the United States many people traveled from long distance States so that they want to make sure they participate in the Nuer convention.

The administration is thankful to everyone who did not make it to the convention site due to some circumstance; they are also part of this in their minds and hearts.

NCDS, USA is also grateful with all the volunteers starting with those who helped in controlling (Security), receptionist and registration personal, performers (Nuer Musicians) and indeed the secretariats, the people who worked tirelessly for two consecutive days to put the resolution of the Nuer convention into existing document. Thanks to all of them for the job well done and NCDS , USA administration would like to thank Isaac Kueth Gang for putting the resolutions into order as follows:

Nuer Community Development Services (NCDS) Inc. USA

2009 Nuer International Conference

November 26 – 27 2009

Unity, Love, Peace, Development & Security in Nuer Land

“Together We Shall Prevail”

Mid-America Center

1 Arena Way

Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501

Hosted by




We the delegates and participants of this historic conference;

v Cognizant of the need to unite and mobilize our community to promote our common destiny and interest;

v Rallying behind the NCDS leadership as it guides this great community towards a brighter future;

v Acknowledging and embracing the diversity and the importance of it in the community;

v Gravely concerned about the insecurity and underdevelopment in the Nuerland;

v Appreciative of the role played by the NGOs, particularly the USAID, World Food Program, UN and UNIMIS while urging them to do more;

v Motivated by the opportunities brought forth by the CPA and the need to seize them without delays;

v Invigorating the interest of this historically proud community;

v Realizing the urgent need to put our differences aside, and step up our effort to create effective and efficient community while working as sons and daughters of one mother and father;

Recommend and resolved the following:


1. Unity must come first and is paramount to solving any problem that is facing us.

2. Starting from the grass root, we must continue to spread the message and stand firm as one family and rigorously fight anyone trying to detract us from this direction.

3. Any individuals’ Input, suggestion or innovation is welcome to promote strong unity


1. After strong unity, security in the Nuerland must be sought and be the number one priority of this NCDS administration and all other stake holders in Sudan , Ethiopia and the Diaspora.

2. The first step in realizing this goal would be selection of ten (10) people from each section of the Nuer (Lou, Jikany, Fangak and Bentiu) to go to the grass roots and educate the masses in all counties about the NCDS Resolutions and vision for peace and Security in the Nuerland. This group of 40 people will travel together and visit all counties to carry out their task while soliciting support from the local authorities to achieve it.

3. Recommendation of tripartite (South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda) regional security submit to look at the overall security of Southern Sudan and the two neighbors, with the help of the local NGOs is proposed.

4. Urge Obama’s administration and the office of the Sudan Envoy Gen. Scott Gration to open a branch office of the Envoy in Sudan to closely monitor the CPA.


1. After achieving security in the Nuerland, peace, by means of dialogue and mobilization of the masses, will be initiated and pursued in earnest.

2. Efforts such as the one currently undertaken by the USAID, to sponsor dialogue between warring communities, be it Nuers themselves or with their neighbors be supported

3. NCDS is a non political party. Any Nuer member by birth must not be discriminated no matter what party or geographical location he or she belongs to.

4. Any NCDS member is free to carry out the message of peace to the Nuerland as long as it serves the interest of NCDS


1. Because all of these issues are interrelated, development would be the obvious direction after achieving the first three goals.

2. Invitation of our American friends, foreign as well as domestic investors will be initiated and supported.


For Questions Please Contact:

Banak M. Kueth

NCDS, USA General Secretary

Phone #: (402) 516-4509
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The resolution of NCDS National convention!
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