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 Graduation invitation

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PostSubject: Graduation invitation   Sat Dec 12, 2009 9:39 pm

A friend of mind and many others in our Lou Nuer Community, from Fangak community Mr. Nien Chang Bol is graduating and he invited those who can affort to come to his graduation from our community.

Please Congratulate him, right here in our Website.


Dear Friends, Relatives, Families, & Colleagues:

Subject: Graduation Ceremony:

At This time every year, all Christians around the globe are enthusiastic and eager to prepare their best wishes to celebrate the birth of their Almighty God Jesus Christ. This is a true testimony for ourselves as Christians and it also shows the ultimate love to our Heavenly Father. My best wishes to you all and your wonderful families in your dwelling places.

As we celebrating the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, I thought it would be a perfect timing to share with you my private happiest as well. I call it private because it’s an individual achievement that has been granting to only one person every since, otherwise, it would have been a shared accomplishment. But relatives, friends, and colleagues please note, without your supports I cannot make it to this stage.

Your encouragements day after day have sharpened my conviction to value what I steadfast myself to do apparently. I know it has been a rough journey for me personally, but, I remembered whenever I slipped on those greasy roads, you always elevated my hands. Thanks to you individually. Therefore, at this moment, my family and I are happy to invite you to attend my graduation ceremony that will take place on Friday, December 18, 2009.
The commencement will be held at the Civic Auditorium in downtown Omaha, at 1: 30 PM. The reception will be done at my residence right after the ceremony ended at Civic Auditorium.

I will be graduating with Bachelor of Science, a Degree in Management Information System (MIS) from University of Nebraska at Omaha- (UNO), in Peter Kiewit Institute, College of Information Science and Technology, Information System and Quantitative Analysis. Please come and let’s enjoy together this special celebration event as one family. I will look forward to seeing you there at the site.
For location inquires please contact the followed person(s), if you will.

Ruach Kulang Wan # 402 505 1889
Par Gai Ruach # 402 590 4665
Nien Chany Bol # 402 201 3566

Nien Chany Bol
Omaha, Nebraska"

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Graduation invitation
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