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 Committment is the key issue to succeed!

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Mr.Brown Bol

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Committment is the key issue to succeed! Empty
PostSubject: Committment is the key issue to succeed!   Committment is the key issue to succeed! I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 13, 2009 2:11 am

* The four sub- Nuer sections clans are ready to move peace and security inside their Nuer land, than follow up with crucial Development"

Date, December, 13,2009

According to the Nuer National convention took placed month ago in American soil, and than follow up with its resolutions, the NCDS of U.S.A.'s leadership now ready to infom all Nuer sub-sections clans leaders along with their members that, each Nuer sub-section clan will select at least ten [10] people, and that begins in the eastern great Jikany Nuer, central Lou Nuer, the Edge of Fangak Nuer and former home of three sub-Nuer section calns Bentiew.

The three sub- Nuer sections clans I mentioned above, were departed from Bentiew in 19 century, therefore all [Nei ti Naath] their Original home before they departed to Central, Edge of Fangak and Eastern Nuer home is Bentiew.

Right now my leadership will start to move into Nuer land with frame objectives, which will elebrates the so called peace and security first, than follow up with NCDS mission statement said in our NCDS's BYLAW], development is the #one priority in this leadership I'm, any county inside Nuer land and led by Nuer commissioner will have Elementary schools, Feeding Centres Facilities, and the Clinics, because the lives of those Nuer children Orphans whom left behinds by their parents killed during the Nuer war alone is important to me and you folks, but we has got another problems here in diaspras, and that problems needs all of us Nuer parents helps, the community leaders will do their best to help parents control their children behaviours. When we has get funds or keep our promises and committment and stand onto our feeds helpS NCDS needs, than we will opens many NCDS communities Centers around the country, therefore the Nuer children can go in after school Hours] and go to those Centers and learns their Original tribe Nuer language and its Culture, without NCDS community leaders involvement, folks we will not have future, I begs all of you to stay firms with my NCDS leadership and keep paying your monthly dues needed by your community leadership.

This is the message I want you to hear from me before the end of this year, I trust you you Nuer, because committment is the only ways we handled the many attacked by others tribe against us, and now I hope and I believe this message you will treat it as the way I sent it out to you.

For more informations, please visit our lovely NCDS of U.S.A.'s website @ WWW.NCDSWEB.ORG.

Mr.Brown Both Bol
The NCDS chief
Also I'm the son and friend in Nuer tribe
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Committment is the key issue to succeed!
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