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Lou Nuer Community consist of Akobo, Nyirol and Uror Counties
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PostSubject: To AKOBO COUNTY COMMUNITY MEMBERS USA   Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:10 pm

To Lou Nuer Akoba County members in USA

I am wondering whether the formation of the recent Akobo County Community would value or destroy our community. This is because people who attended the recent meeting of Akobo County Community in Sioux Falls South Dakota seem to leave the majority of the City Residents out of the circle. Akobo County is a multi-ethnic city; its residents include Anuak, Jikany and Lou Nuer both Gon and Mor sections. It is the city where all our ancestors fought for and liberated from our Anuak annex. Those who know Akobo very well would agree with me.

Therefore, if we come to establish a Community in the name of Akobo today, people like Anuak, Jikany and Gon Akobo should be well informed of the process. Those who came up with idea of County Community establishment should also make sure everyone gets informed before the meeting took place. I was personally found out from one of my cousins who called me for New Year Greeting and told me that the Akobo County meeting was going to be held the next morning. It was with no surprise because the majority of such meeting organizers were actually the ones who objected the Lou Nuer Community interest for the last six years. Their actions and activities will not only jeopardize the Lou Nuer Community, but it will also destroy the Akobo County itself in years to come.

During my leadership time in the Lou Nuer Community USA, I came in contact with few separatist who claimed to be the owners of Akobo County. They were rare elements I have ever seen because their activities aimed toward the destruction of the community. Whenever the Lou Nuer Community scheduled its conference, the Akobo separatist members also schedule their meeting at the same time in the same city. This activity has been going on throughout my leadership time and ended only on the evening when they actually entered the Lou Nuer meeting hall with intend to attack the Lou Nuer community members, mainly Gon.

Today, I want to aware the Akobo County Community members that I and other Akobo sons and daughters who still support the Unity of Lou Nuer, are also representing the Akobo County under the Lou Nuer Community just as being done by members of Nyirol and Uror Counties who are also working hard for the sake and goodness of our Great Lou Nuer Community. Never dream about us to join you unless if all Lou Nuer Community members sit in peace to discuss whether working with County is better than working together in the Lou Nuer Community.

In the story of Nuer communities in North America, Lou Nuer Community is the only community that still maintained its union. I believe this is a great credit that we all should be proud of in our Community. I personally have no idea why many of you thinks that division would be the right path while we all have witnessed from our neighbors who divided themselves but have not achieved anything for years.

Many of you Akobo members thinks that Lou Nuer Community did not do anything for many years, while you failed to questioned yourself as to how long did the Akobo County and the State of Utah Partnership has been operating without achieving a single goal. What other goal are you guys hoping to achieve after six years of separation from the Lou Nuer Community?

Let me give you few hints of why Lou Nuer Community members are not working strongly. Lou Nuer Community have established and suggested almost any project that you may come across in your community project designs. However, the only problem that holds back the work of the members is because our society back home is not safe and that, no one is committed to leave his children and education in North America and go to Sudan to volunteer for our community.
I am pretty sure this problem will also encounter your Akobo County community, no matter how much millions you will contribute to build something in Akobo. If the security is not stable in South Sudan, your Akobo Community will not do anything; and this is the reality.

Your idea that working with County would be the best way to achieve the development in Lou Nuer Community is not even close to the truth, but the reality is you guys have lack of commitments, and full of weaknesses. But evidence will tell in a year whether my prediction is true or not. So if you fail to do anything within a year, I and my Lou Nuer Community Unity lover will laugh at you big time. We the Lou Nuer Unity supporters will still be better for being together than you guys separated and not achieving what you were claiming about. You better do something to cover yourselves otherwise.

Last simple question to those degree holders of your Akobo county, Where in this world can a person who called him/herself educated come to divide his or her own community? Where and what school in this Western World taught you guys to go to your community and divide it into pieces? I am positive you will not say you learn it from here, so if not, then what did you learn to bring home as a person who came to North America?


The board is for us to exchange our opinions; everyone is encourage to use their sure name on the board. In addition, if you ever become violent to others, your name will be delete without notification
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PostSubject: Re: To AKOBO COUNTY COMMUNITY MEMBERS USA   Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:43 am

Hi David

First of all, I would like to thanks you for doing this effort and I’m endorsing it

Those points you have made, were an eminent. You did say most of my point but I will make this short highlight.

This is nothing more than destructives the mission of community but I would say this, we established this community since 1994 here in United States. We have been working hard day and night to achieve the missions (objectives) of our community. We are making progress to reaching that destination to achieving our goal. It has been taking us quiet awhile to reach where we were today but it will take longer for those who attempted to break this wall to destroy it.

What is wrong being united and what is wrong being working together as one community as one people. Unity is great achievement for those who have it. United States of America is great country on the earth today because of the unity.

Unity can bring peace, love, conscience, development and achievement.

Disunity can bring hate, difference and illicit.

This is not about Akobo County; it is about hiding agenda for those who try to achieve their self interest, if that meeting was about Akobo County why we do not wait till May 2010 and talk about it instead of excluding of some of Akobo Sons and Daughters.

This is not about Akobo County; it is about self interest with in Akobo County. All these Groups have different agenda about Akobo county, watch for these few years there will be another name of Akobo.

Just quick reminding

1996 there were Akobo Lou Nuer Legitimate Association (ALLA), Akobo Development Cooperation (ADC) and now Akobo County (AC) 2002

Those who have created these ALLA and ADC are the one who have formed AC

think a bout it


Tut Wuor
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PostSubject: Re: To AKOBO COUNTY COMMUNITY MEMBERS USA   Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:22 pm

According to the Lou Nuer Community By-law ARTICLE 2: MEMBERSHIP AND RULES , Section 1 (b) and (10).

1 (B) Any active member(s) who create any political party or other form of organization within or outside of this community, whether in support or against Lou Nuer community, and without consent or approval from this community is a violation of this Constitution By-Law. Such party or organization shall be close immediately.

Section 10 . Termination of Membership: A membership may be terminated when (a) A member fails to comply with Community’s By-law. (b) Resignation (c) Death (d) Dismissal, or as mentioned in section 8 of this article.

The board is for us to exchange our opinions; everyone is encourage to use their sure name on the board. In addition, if you ever become violent to others, your name will be delete without notification
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