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PostSubject: GUNMAN ATTEMPTED TO ASSISSINATE AKOBO COUNTY COMMISSIONER with John Luk involved.   Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:57 pm


Mak Banguot Gok

Akobo town

A gunman identified as 2nd Lt Kueth Puol of the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army SPLA Headquarter in Juba arrested in A kobo town by the security in a row of failed attempt to kill the A kobo county Commissioner one day after receiving the president of the Government of Southern Sudan on his visit to Akobo a long with his Vice and some higher dignitaries of the Sudan People 's Liberation Movement SPLM. 2nd. Lt from SPLA HQ arrived Akobo on date 10th as part of protection squat to John Luk who is currently in A kobo for campaign mission.

According to the eye witness, such accident could have been happened as a collective plan of John Luk and the former Akobo county commissioner Mr Doyak Chol who is an ally to John Luk in process of the current election with hope to retake over the commissionership as being promised to him by John if it happen that he wine over his opponent Timothy Taban Juch who is contesting as an Independent candidate only by the huge support given to him in process by the people of Akobo .

That incident occurred on date 13th of March 2010 when one of John Luks team who in the same situation, a cousin to him managed to break into the resident of the county commissioner- H.E: Goi Yul Yol with an Kalashnikov (A.K.M 47) rifle N0 (3116) and this weapon is under security agent for further investigation. With little access, he managed to reach the compound before security get into knowledge of his presence at a dark corner in the yard of the commissioners house waiting for the commissioner to appear. Unfortunately, the commissioner was in the room with group of International Aids missionaries as part of the current humanitarian aids operation underway in A kobo county.

In fact that failed attempt has more to explain about the current election campaign and being fuelled by series of consultative meeting between John Luk and some community bases groups who make it clear to him that, no one standing on his side though he is insisting to challenge his right opponent- Timothy Taban Juch who is running for the post of MP in Juba as John Luk using Akobo South constituency N0 (06) in the upcoming election.

For sure, that plan has been in progress since the appointment of the commissioner to the area by the president of the government of Southern Sudan in respond to the demand of the people of Akobo and state as well. John have been served for five yrs, as an MP in SSLA through the same constituency, and yet people of Akobo realize nothing achieved in his representation that make it difficult for him in process of election to achieves even a single support from the people. He is so fare known of being hostile to the commissioner and all those who supporting him and his appointment with purpose after many uncertainties facing people of Akobo in the hand of the former commissioner who is today behind the throne of this stupid scheming.

For sure, John Luk make it as plan when he knew that, people of Akobo are standing loyal to their commissioner who is in a good time come to redeem them in a very tragic situation which has been found as a major issue in both the country and state of Jonglei . It appear that, John Luk is paying lip service to the SPLM as being approved by the support he is giving to the SPLM-Independent candidate George Athur for the governorship of Jonglei state leaving Koul Manyang who according to John Luk an enemy of supporting the leadership of H.E: Goi Yul Yol in Akobo county. He accusing Manyang of helping to remove Doyak with Goi while people of Akobo are still standing firm to their governor/commissioner. Surprisingly, John Luk came along with more than seven armed soldiers and several security officers despite the fact that, any security related issues concerning the voters and the candidates situation is entrusted to the county government in which, there is no need of him to collect any criminal from Juba to fulfill his violent action in the yoke of the situation.

People of Akobo intensified their negative attitude against the SPLM who supporting John Luk to contest through SPLM ticket despite the fact that, people of Akobo do support the president Kiir in his running for the presidency of the Government of the Southern Sudan. These criminal activities are not needed in a time that our people do support the democratic transformation which is being exercise by our people ,and the electrol cord of conduct through election. People of Akobo are still wondering to hear the governments respond in this tragic situation before it reaches its pike, and also NEC in collaboration with government of southern Sudan to carry out proper investigation into this event to assure security to the people of Akobo before the polling.
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PostSubject: Re: GUNMAN ATTEMPTED TO ASSISSINATE AKOBO COUNTY COMMISSIONER with John Luk involved.   Sat Mar 20, 2010 8:49 pm

Dethree.....I agree with you brother, people like John Luk has no chance in our Community.They want to do what ever it take to detroy our community because they know deep inside that the change is comming, when we talk about change we talk about people like Goy Jock, and Tut Puok Nyang, there for they arejealous. But they don't see anything yet, one way or another they have to gooooooo for good.
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