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Lou Nuer Community consist of Akobo, Nyirol and Uror Counties
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 My apology!

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Peter R. Gatkuoth

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PostSubject: My apology!   My apology! I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 08, 2010 5:09 pm

Dear brothers,

It is my pleasure to inform you that there are times things may gone wrong and time to fix them. For you those who have experienced the wrong side of this debate, I would like to Apologize to you not because I am mistaken but because it matter to you not to hear such words or personal attacks.

In many fora, I never lauch an attack first to any one but people who prepare to attack me get the answer when they are in my age and my qualification level. Its always clear to some individuals that they get different horns while we used to walk the same line. I would like to advise those who took it serious to put it in their briefcase until the time comes.

Our concern is to unite the people. It matters to many citizens in the world today and therfore, you should have heard it daily that its good for people to live in unity than in separate entity. Power of the people do matter even in Lou Nuer affairs and therefore; their unity is the main agenda to all Lou Nuer sons wherever they live.

I have attached the messages or letter that allow some individuals to attack me. Sometime its good when you go back to cause of the imediate problem; for a good judge would not start the case in the middle. You can ask yourself, what is the cause of this debate and what are the points that allow individual to ignite fire. I hope you be a judge and witness to all these concerns that took us some days.

Mr. Gatwech Met Koryom and all,

I appreciate your concerns, and thank you so much for the words. I have nothing to say but take the responsibility because I am the one to inform the Lou Nuer sons that we have a problem and a party or event coming up. I emailed the letter to some Lou Nuer intellectuals to distribute it to the individuals listed;and I thought that if Lou Nuer involve in the case, it would have sound good for the welfare of these people. They can afterall bring the solution and may be people can live in harmony to each others.Its how its to human society that things may gone wrong but people can also engage themselves to fix the porblems.

Counties and the unity of Lou Nuer should not be taken serious. Lou Nuer can discuss the issue and decide which ways should be good for the developement and social bonds of the people within the Lou Nuer. If they like counties, its also good but with cautions to how they should operate. If they like unity and the counties, that is also fine with Lou Nuer as long as they can afford to both responsibilities, and their tasks.

Our call is to bring solutions of how we can work co-operatively without hurting each others. If we have more than thirty organizations, Lou Nuer would benefit even if by the names the organizations have. We encourage any organizations to operate but under the constitutions of Lou Nuer. We ask people to come together and negotiate ways of how we can works with mutual understanding between the members; for having different offices would not allow the officers to fight than to divide the responsibilities and work-loads. Our fear is the division and the ways thing are taken seriously with the intention that some individuals are not needed in some entity or counties.

I have just admitted that our being silent in the issue of division benefited some of individuals and they thought that they defeated us. If they defeat us in the right ways/directions, we would be glad and happy to the maximum level for the good ways is the ways that attract people. Some people who are among the people of unity are known and some are our father by seniority. I hope they would only suggest the right directions than the wrong direction for we have a mile to walk through together.

I am out of this topic, and I apologize to you! The letter is attached to this apology letter. You can print it and read it again to prove it that I am wrong or right!

Peter Reat Gatkuoth

780 729 3401 cell
780 424 1219 home

Alberta, Canada

To: - All sons of Lou Nuer Community world-wide.
CC: Hon. John Luk Jock
CC: Hon. Dr. Marial Benjamin
CC: Dr. Riek Gai Kok
CC: Deputy Governor. Hussien Mar
CC: Dr. Wal Duany
CC: Hon. Yoal Dok
CC: Hon. Jock Jock Chol
CC: Lt. Gen. David Bidit Deng
CC: Lt. Gen. David Riek Machouch
CC: Lt. Gen. Peter Bol Kong
Cc: Major Gen. Johnson Gony Beliew
CC: Commissioner. Goi Jock
CC: Commissioner. Chuol Diew Teny
CC: Commissioner. Tut Puok Nyang
Cc: Head Chiefs. Gatluak Thow Kuony.
Cc: Lou Nuer Council in Lou Nuer Land.
Cc: Lou Nuer religious leaders in diaspora and in Sudan
CC: Lou Nuer Community in Australia.
CC: Lou Nuer Community in USA
Cc: Lou Nuer Community in Europe.
Cc: Lou Nuer community in African countries
Cc: Lou Nuer Community in Eastern Canada
CC: Lou Nuer University and college Student Union in Ethiopia.

It is my sincere pleasure to inform you the members of Lou Nuer Community world-wide that the Lou Nuer Community Association has conducted the meeting on April 03/2010 in Edmonton, Canada. The meeting is conducted in the present of the elders and the pastors. We agreed upon the fact that Lou Nuer Community is the umbrella of any organizations formed in the territories of Lou Nuer Land and in Diaspora if it aims for community or communal progress and development.

Lou Nuer community has a problem in Canada as a result of counties. We have tried our best by encouraging a healthy discussion but we did not manage in both ways. Samuel Hoth Dak, Rev. Joseph Makuey Nhial; Rev. James Duol Kuek, Elders Paul Ruot Yol and Elder, James Wal Gatluak had tried their best to bring the community together but their suggestions and options were opposed by those who support the counties leadership. It looks like they are mobilizing other Lou Nuer community’s members world-wide to abundant the main route and support only counties.

You may have read messages and article criticizing our meeting that its “ugliest, empty and accusing us that we are not interesting in Lou Nuer development” which is okay for those who view it that ways but we remain neutral even the time I am writing this message. Lou Nuer community members of Canada are not new to you. You knew us characteristically and mentally. When it comes to the issues of Lou Nuer, we know that each of us must fulfill the duties of the citizen and therefore, we may not run to the media to advertize our tasks and the things we have done to the Lou Nuer world-wide. Some of us here including those who support the counties are helping Lou Nuer when it comes to the issue or problem facing our people back in the country.

Among the members of Lou Nuer community, there are individuals who do not accept any division within the Lou Nuer. These individuals were here, and they did their part to help Lou Nuer community mentally, officially, and socially. The Lou Nuer Community Association under the leadership of Samuel Hoth Dak called upon Lou Nuer officials world-wide to intervene into this emerge differences. Mr. Samuel Hoth Dak, Rev, Joseph Makuey Nhial, Rev, James Duol Kuek, Elder James Wal Gatluak, Elder Paul Ruot Yol and all young people who support the umbrella have tried several times to convince the members of the counties that “we came along ways from this route and one would never tried to ruin it than moderate it to the better level.”

In the time the counties’ people objected the communal based organization for counties, we thought that “they” will go and developed only the counties principle but within the few days, they created a name called “Lou Nuer Union” representing the counties while the Lou Nuer Community Association whom they left is still functioning and existing under the leadership of Samuel Hoth Dak. This second name called “Lou Nuer Union” causes different view and agitation to we the brothers whom they left to the general umbrella/principle because we thought “they are for counties leadership or interest” and not for the formation of another Lou Nuer community in contrast to the existing community. We do not refuse any one or organizations that aim to bring the development to the Lou Nuer land as long as it’s abided to the rule and constitutions of the Lou Nuer Community back home and in Diaspora.

Back in the days, we called those who go by counties several times to negotiation and implement different strategies to how Lou Nuer members can live in harmony to each others since the objective is one thing; development and encouragement of social bonds constructed on vital force for solidarity that allow all members to attach themselves to the community and to the individuals as well. Without the system of social bonds, solidarity and social morality; we the Lou Nuer Community would have been fall or would have been under the administrator of others. But because we live and work under the social morality and basic value, believe and regulations; we survived from many things, politically and socially. I would not go to how the differences of the community start because there are some concerns that are deem important and should not be posted in the media.

The Lou Nuer Community division in Western Canada have long term causes and short term causes in which I regret to mention any points about how it start and end. We deserve those concerns and issue for only general convention or meeting in case we try to emerge through the mediation of Lou Nuer ministers, commissioners, elders and Honorable members. Our divisions here make noise even to the other levels. Brothers who live together, share ideas together and struggle for the welfare of Lou Nuer community are now in the level of physical forces. The level of intensity that existed at this junction today is very high and perhaps may causes some kind of friction or physical disagreement within the members. It will leads to the sort of social disintegration between the young people whom you the elders dare to bring up peacefully with principle.

Do not also make a mistake by thinking that if Lou Nuer Community is divided, Nuer community would still function. Differences within Lou Nuer community always go to the level of Nuer Community and than Sudanese community. This indicate that if we unite and live in harmony to each others, others people would also enjoy a peaceful life. Unity is a vital tool to tackle all problems; be it individual concern or communal problem. We ask each and everyone in Lou Nuer community to think wise and avoid those young men who always run to the media to criticize people who aim for unity of purpose.

I am also indebted to extend my special thanks to all seniors and officials who have called during our meeting to witness the ongoing activities of the meeting. Lou Nuer Community has been there since the first day of our grand parents but systems were created and then they go as change comes all the time.

During Jaaper Al Nimeri, the government of Sudan created a system of administration in which “we” the Lou Nuer community were under one administrated name and then came the change. It was the system that allow all members to be under administrated name and that is why at the time Gajiok were under the name of Nasir, Lou Nuer were under the name of Great Akobo, Western Nuer Society were under the name of Bentiu, Gaawar were under the name of Fangak and Gaajaak under Maiwut. This was a system of description in which you can be registered under the name but it does not violate the general communal principle and value. Why do we fight and leave our own community name and value because of the systems?

When Dr. John Garang came with the system of Counties, payam and buma; we copy the system seriously without noticing that there is no different between the district and the county. It is the same district we were born in and nothing new. In the first place, I knew that the system of the counties will bring the differences because our level of understanding is not the same. I was one among the people who brought the suggestion that Lou Nuer counties could be name as follow: Nyirol could have been under the name of Lou Nuer County North; Uror County could also goes as Lou Nuer County South and Akobo under the name of Lou Nuer County East. This may perhaps minimized wrong competition, and may help those who always grasp the ideas wrongly without an analyzing.

On the accusation written by John Chuol Bol Bipal (John Bolton) that we do not support the fundraising party organized by the Akob County, I would not inky you since you have learn how the thing goes now but you the readers will conclude it yourselves base on your observations and analysis. Samuel Hoth Dak is the Son of Lou Nuer Community before some of us were born. He has worked in various part of the Sudan including the Akobo administration itself; and I believe if there are individuals among the Lou Nuer community who are interested in Unity of Lou Nuer; Samuel Hoth Dak would be among the sons who strive for unity of our heritage, value and believe.

Furthermore, we called all Lou Nuer members, intellectuals, Lou Nuer religious leaders, and official to come to the Convention and Fundraising party that will take place in June 19/2010 in Alberta under the name of existing Lou Nuer Community Association which is the older Association of our community since day one. We asked all sons of Lou Nuer world wide to come and attend the meetings, and then fundraising party after the meeting. This convention will also work as an opportunity or important place for us to try our best again to bring this great community together and workout the differences. We ask all Lou Nuer Seniors members in Australia, USA, and Europe and in South Sudan to come to this Convention especially our leaders from the GNU, GoSS and to the level of Counties administration.

Your brother,

Peter Reat Gatkuoth

Deputy chairman of Lou Nuer Community Association

780 729 3401 cell/780 424 1219 home
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My apology!
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