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 A Summary report on Akobo County Elections Processes By Peter Giel Darwech

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A Summary report on Akobo County Elections Processes By Peter Giel Darwech Empty
PostSubject: A Summary report on Akobo County Elections Processes By Peter Giel Darwech   A Summary report on Akobo County Elections Processes By Peter Giel Darwech I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 29, 2010 4:34 am

A Summary report on Akobo County Elections Processes

As the elections processes kicked off in earnest in the last November, numerous factors that precipitated the loss of SPLM seats to independent and NCP candidates began to surface as follows:

1. The discriminative and Selective Registration of the voters:

The enumerators sent to Akobo County last November to conduct the voters registration exercise were all selected from the clan of the Akobo County Commissioner/ Goi Yol who only registered voters seen favorable to the independent and others political parties Candidates, where as areas established as popular for SPLM supports and Molana John Luk in particular were conspicuously not registered and thus disenfranchised from electing their rightful SPLM leader. Much of the areas with thousands of SPLM supporters particularly Dengjok Payam and others areas were caved off from Akobo South to constitute the Akobo North constituency. This has really denied a chance for SPLM supporters to vote for SPLM leaders in Akobo South Constituency.

2. The loss of 3,783 registerd voters( 22 Books ):

While at the verge of kickng of the elections Campaign in Southern Sudan, about 3,783 voters lost their names in (22 books) in the full responsibility of County local authority.HE John Luk raised complains to the NEC's Chairman in Khartoum and the State High Election Committee/ SHEC in Bor to recover these names but hardly any thing was done. The SHEC in Bor was full with officials strategically employed to manipulate the Elections results to fit the interests of their Community. It was a very big loss to the SPLM party in Akobo because all of these voters could have voted for HE John Luk and the SPLM in Particular.

3. The Murle Incursions in Akobo County:

The deadliest incursion launched by Murle-tribesmen in both Nyandit and Mareng Payams last year and the Food-Aid that arrived thereafter was negatively utilised by County Commissioner and the entire local authorities to mobilise the voters on the basis that he( Mr Goi ) has brought the food Aid from some friends and salvaged the hunger-stricken Community all that long and refused to highlight that, relief food comes on the basis of humaniterian grounds and principles regardless of all. The biggest humaniterian assistant ever in Africa was accorded to the Sudanese refugees in Itang( 1983-1991) when the marginalised and the Southern Sudanese in particular outflowed to Ethiopia after the SPLMA/ was formed. the launch of Operation Life Line Sudan( OLS ) and the consistent relief supplies through out the 1990s in all the Liberated areas ( New Sudan ) was a well known phenomenon to all. It was not even claimed by any body not even Dr. John who steered us through out those dark days. He refused to acknowledge the role played by HE. John Luk and Lyse Grant when bringing reliefs in Nyandit and Mareng. It was unfortunate and misleading that, Goi could claim the relief foods to twist the election results to his prefered candidates others than the SPLM leaders hailing from Akobo County. He had wantonly and defiantly worked for the defeat of the SPLM by NCP, Independents candidates and others political parties members.

5. The Roles of the Commissioner in the Elections:
The Commissioner had treated HE John Luk in a very bad faith. He never welcomed him through out all his visits to Akobo, he walked out of the meetings and left the Minister and the SPLM team alone with out any supports. These were the early heralds that the Commissioner would deviate from the truths and lead our people for a very hard landing given that, he had constantly continued to influent the result for his preferred independents and NCP Candidates to the end of the elections.
The local authorities used the relief foods for elections campaign. This had badly afflicted a heavy damage to the reputation of our Movement now that there is a huge inflow of NCP membership due to a much support the local authorities accorded them.
The the visit of Mr. Hussein Mar, Dr. Marial and Rachel Nyadak to Akobo had drastically influenced our Gon section voters to heavily swing for Taban Juc. They have been instructed by such delegation and made the Commissioner over sees such a plan to the later.
The visit of his HE the GoSS President/ CDE Salva Kiir to Akobo in March could have been a good momentum gained in the light of campaign to garner more votes for SPLM, how ever, the essence of the President's message( urging citizens to only elect John Luk and others SPLM Candidates ) was never interpreted to the voters in a medium understandable to them. The President spoke a classical Arabic through out and the Commissioner and local administrators refused to translate the speech to Nuer so that the public could get the message. The SPLM party agents tried to convince the Commissioner to translate the President's message but he was reluctant to do so. We the SPLM party agents tried to interpret to the voters later on, however the NCP and the Independent Candidates agents concocted the message differently to the voters.
Others Jonglei leaders as well from three Bor Counties and Wuror County played a big role to ensure HE John Luk loses the elections in Akobo for reasons only known to themselves. They could not reminisce SPLA's difficult days when when John Luk popularised the Movement as an official spoke-man ( 1983-1999), the tedious SPLM/A peace processes of which he was a member of SPLM/A negotiation team ( 1994-2005 ), Lafon declaration and many others milestones in the history of our liberation struggle. Such SPLM leaders/ Bor Counties have increasingly become so obsessed with retaining powers in Jonglei State and feel so threatened by HE John Luk's brilliance and intellectual stature amongst the Jonglei sons in both the SPLM's political bureau and as well the GoSS.They want a submissive Lou Community so that, they continue to hegemonise others Community without any resistant. It appeared the comradeship spirit that steered our liberation struggle had been completely replaced with newly found commercial friends in Akobo, they are very much concern about Gadiang Comradeship and trashed Bilpam and Bonga Comradeship. Very unfortunate indeed.
With the events unfolding in such a reversed manner where by the clanists have overwhelmingly won the elections there is a great concern that the people of Akobo will lose directions and may end up else where contrary to the aspiration of the SPLM. It is impossible to embrace NCP and Independent candidates who are not mandated by the SPLM at such a cross road. That is a very unpatriotic choice indeed.

Giel Gatwech,
SPLM party agent during the elections in Akobo County.
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A Summary report on Akobo County Elections Processes By Peter Giel Darwech
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