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 Is SPLM wrong or George Author?

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Ker Biel

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PostSubject: Is SPLM wrong or George Author?   Tue May 04, 2010 9:29 am

Is SPLM wrong or George Author?

Many people talk about tranquility while the reason that brought the problem is not addressed. How do we be hungry for peace while we are not trying to make it happening as possible as we desire?

Peace always is not just coming because the majorities say peace, peace. Peace has it own way that can be followed by the people properly. This is the destruction; it is not really a peace; because the peace we use to call peace, it is not the move we can exercise it. How do we make peace among ourselves, if the GOSS does not act strongly to give us a peace? The people who own high positions from the government are not even thinking to allow the safety first, they have put only their aims not country’s nation’s interests. Do we think that techniques, we could achieve what we are constantly disturbed ourselves for eternity called-peace? Would we work with this line of attack? AH!

But, now, it is SPLM its time to do everything it wants to do, if it does not be well aware of its members and treats them fairly, it is up to it. I could not talk on behalf of others, because the people or other parties from Southern Sudan have no voices at all, even their few seats which they had before elections, after elections have now gone. This is a very clear, we would not bother ourselves on this issue; the only issue that we thought we are discussing while we are generating it, is between SPLM’s members, if I’m wrong call me 306 205 9271.

As SSDF party we already knew that, this would happen that is why we are always prepared people to get ready to know SPLM things. SPLM started its works by corruptions, not aware for insecurity supported underground by Arabs and finally it happened between its members. What other parties in South Sudan will say, are they be motionless supporting SPLM visions for referendum or do they keep watching till the CPA gets destroying? Please Southern Sudanese people, this is unsafe for our future, if you think so, I’m not, if you really mean that to blame SPLM even thought you are members, it is précised, and you earned the right of citizens, thanks you.

Moreover, Folks, SPLM/SPLA must be blamed, reason, election that has happened in Southern has arranged wrongly. So many candidates are not happy about its moves, despite what George Author has launched to SPLA forces, but it is just a part of general election not just himself because of thought he lost candidacy position which has let him to choose fighting. No, others have no forces, they could also retaliate the insider wrong doing of SPLM. The only easy way that people need in the movement, or we will do, we are going to judge this fair, by giving any one his/her right no better whatever we are always seeing in news.

Everyone likes peace, but politics is a dirty game as we all know it, where there are no good government things always like that. We know how hard when the one fails during voting and lost his/her victor. It easy always to forget peace and just to find out only way the one could devastate the one who could become a victor, as George has said that Kuol Manyang could “step down on his position”.

However, the GOSS itself is the one who has made all these mistakes, if I’m wrong knowing that most Candidates won the elections but some their votes were hidden as cheating. While we always focused that we need fairness, freedom and justice, who would make the freedom and fairness? SPLM/GOSS? Nobody from SPLM people would devote his/her time by brings people equally, and leaving the best way that makes him/her moving forward (wrongly).

To conclude this, you people let’s be more detailed, helping our people by telling the true. And make sure that our only enemies which fight against our success are only we, before Arabs. Arabs are just setting up a system and followed by the words said; let the “Dog kills itself”.

Try to be strong and subdue all these, our country is almost in our hand but is already, I meant independent, and don’t need to be very strongly to demolish it. God is very powerful; He is the one who keeps this CPA exiting than the people (Southern Sudanese) that CPA belong to them, they are not taking care of it. We are from different parties but the commonsense is our country, let share our ideas cooperatively and more intelligently.

Ker Biel Gach Ruey
SSDF Representative to Canada
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Is SPLM wrong or George Author?
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