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 Accusation of Brig. General John Jock Gai, is not true

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Ker Biel

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Accusation of Brig. General John Jock Gai, is not true Empty
PostSubject: Accusation of Brig. General John Jock Gai, is not true   Accusation of Brig. General John Jock Gai, is not true I_icon_minitimeWed May 05, 2010 1:14 pm

Accusation of Brig. General John Jock Gai, is not true

By: Ker Biel Gach Ruey

General Jock Gai who is a famous senior officer of Sudan people‘s liberation Army, and has a high potential value in Southern Sudan nation since 1983 till today, now, he has accused without probable ground. Brig. General Jock is a man of peace and intelligent in South Sudan political environment. Now, he has got finger pointing on be half of Doleib attack which has got underway by General Author.

Peaceful General Gai has falsely reported that he has joined the General Author Forces. This is unfair report. Allegation against general Jock has now notified that some members of SPLA, mostly Generals in Junglei State are covetousness with Brig. General Jock‘s positive behavior toward entire community

General Jock wasn’t involved on that attack of Doleib, he currently in Malakal while the attack was prepared from Khorfulus. However, during campaigns, General Gai has been a supporter of General Author of the Jonglei state’s gubernatorial race to the present governor (Kuol Manyang Juuk).

General Gai is a man who could not do such of things at this time; he has done lot of works to Southern Sudanese or Sudanese in general as many people have known him during Itang. During 1980s, General Gai has served our citizens as senior police officers and glowing consciously of his duties.

General Jock is very sensitive leader who knows how to be given the right of citizens. In the respect of avoiding the violent, General Jock is not willingly to attack or take illegal action to his people for unreasonable alarm. He was very successful in his leadership as commissioner of Nyirol County, and has been missed by his Nyirol’s citizens when such of serious allegation has been demanded by State government and the GOSS to remove him from commissioner position.

General Gai was so calm and diplomatic to avoid the violent, held back his supporters in several options during the removing time when he was as Nyirol Commissioner. Now, again the same government has accused him, saying that he defected and joined General Author for no starting place.

I think, everyone has right to vote for whoever one has admired‘s leadership not going to start on attacking against others. To vote or campaign for whoever one is supported, it is not infringement of Law, and now General Jock Gai has warned on this point. If it is because of false report that says, he has joined General Author forces, reporters are in charge for prejudice and abusive.

To be attentive of this fake report, the Brig. General John Jock Gai is now in Malakal. He is not a part of this attack that has been setting off by General Author. Meanwhile, if there were some Generals as mentioned sevens, I think reporters might have to recall them as six in number as they indicated above, without General Gai whom has recently reported inaccurately.

The author is South Sudan Democratic Forum Representative to Canada, you my reach him through kerbiel@yahoo.ca
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Accusation of Brig. General John Jock Gai, is not true
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