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 A letter of thank you to Lou Nuer women USA.

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PostSubject: A letter of thank you to Lou Nuer women USA.   Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:27 pm

My pleasure to Lou Nuer Women in the United States of America. 6/12/2010

The Lou Nuer Community has been facing difficulties through its men mostly the highly educated individuals for years. The Lou Nuer women in the US have tries their best each year in the last ten years, to end those differences between men, but never get a chance one time. In June this year, the Lou Nuer community women under the leadership of Elizabeth Chol Gatwech Chan, (AKA, Nya-Doctor, or Man-Nyawuor) held their historical party, in which they raised and collect a huge amount of $US dollars from the party participants. In this regards, I want to express my personal feeling and happiness about the work and steps that these women have taken.

My very first thanks will go to Nya-Doctor and her administration for coming up with such a wonderful idea. Thank you Man Nyawour, Nya-Doctor, the God of Denaai Geakah, and the God of Land of Lohal, will always bless and be with you and your entire group. Keep up the good works you are always doing for us, we will raise your name up to the top of those tall buildings.

My second thanks go to Lou Nuer Women of Utah, for driving from a distance of thousand miles to give such extraordinary support to Lou Nuer women party in the Midwest of the United States of America. I want to give an extra thanks to the Lou women of Utah, especially the women who their husbands are supporting the County Communities, for taking those risks from their husbands. Thanks you very, very much sisters, and my children mothers; you did a very wonderful work in the history of our community. Keep up the good work; the entire Lou community have now understand that you were confined in the houses for very long time. Keep up the good work and the God of Denai Geakah will calm down your husbands' hearts.

My third thanks goes to general Lou Nuer community women USA for working hard to United our greater Community. We all know very well in the history that nothing in this world that can exist without a mother. You’re the best mothers of our children, and the best mothers of the Lou Nuer Community. If the Lou Nuer men you always see as the best men in this world failed to do what they supposed to do for our great community, the role is yours. Lou Nuer men were struggling for years to get the amount of money that you just raise in one night, this show how different the mother do things.

I once thank Nya-Gatwech for raising all the Lou Nuer young men names in her traditional songs. Keep that attitude with you Nya-Doctor, you’re our best mother and best elder sister in the Community.

Take care, and the God of Mun Lohal will be with you all the time.


In my known name: Samson

The board is for us to exchange our opinions; everyone is encourage to use their sure name on the board. In addition, if you ever become violent to others, your name will be delete without notification
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A letter of thank you to Lou Nuer women USA.
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