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 Gatkuoth John Jal's Repatriation

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PostSubject: Gatkuoth John Jal's Repatriation    Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:48 am

Dear fellow Lou Nuer Members,

With numerous salutes and many honors to Lou Nuer Community members in USA, the elected team, leads by its Chairperson Simon Deng Key and sub-committee of Lou Nuer Community USA, are gladly informing you that we have successfully repatriated (sent back home) one of our member, Gatkuoth John Jal Choap back to our homeland, Sudan. With many obstacles and bumpers alongside his repatriation, the teamwork of Lou Nuer young men in Nebraska, USA and with the collaboration of Lou Nuer Community USA’s Executive Office, Gatkuoth John Jal left USA on Sunday, October 10th, and safely landed on Thursday, October 14th, 2010 in Khartoum, Sudan.
With no further due, our work could not be possible without the efforts and teamwork of the mentioned individuals who had contributed tirelessly to make this impossible repatriation of Gatkuoth John to be possible because we all knew that he lost all his documentation, including his USA ID Cards.
From Lou Nuer Youth who deserve much appreciations:
1. Nhial Dak Duop
2. Wunbil Koak Duany
3. Gatbel Bayak
4. Kun Nyang Dieu
From Lou Nuer Executive and its Committee who never slept for the whole week:
1. Simon Deng Key
2. Stephen Yak Reath
3. Samuel Majiok Ruei
4. Yien Rial Nyuot
5. Jacob Tut Liech
6. Peter Wiyual Dak

The above mentioned individuals deserve much appreciations and thanks for their extraordinary teamwork they had shown during this process which ranging from requested Gatkuoth John’s Sudan Emergency Travel Document, booked his ticket, and took him shopping, accommodated him during process period, and tracked Gatkuoth’s safe traveling back to Sudan.
“As of the last convention in Storm Lake, Iowa in 2007, the community enacted the repatriation program that requires the community to transport Lou Nuer member who requests one-way ticket to go back home and leave for good. The decision has become an act because it is better for a person to go back to Africa and re-establish his/her life than living in rough situation from far away.”
Once again, thank you so much Lou Nuer Community, USA for standing united for the sake of this great community.
May God Bless You All,
Simon Deng Key,
Chairman of Lou Nuer Community, USA

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Gatkuoth John Jal's Repatriation
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