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 The Mr.Brown Both Bol reinstatement of campaign!

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Mr.Brown Bol

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The Mr.Brown Both Bol reinstatement of campaign! Empty
PostSubject: The Mr.Brown Both Bol reinstatement of campaign!   The Mr.Brown Both Bol reinstatement of campaign! I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 01, 2009 7:56 pm

Reinstatement of my campaign.


As a result of recent adjournment due to the Nuer Community leadership disputes between Khon Kueth Mar, and myself Brown Both Bol Guandong, Lt General Paulino Matip Nhial, a well known community figure had called both campaign parties last Saturday to settle the situation. My compaign Headquarters and Khon campaigns have attended the meeting and surprizingly, Khon and I have obeyed General Matip's mediation and agreed to conduct another election. Today I am informing all Lou Nuer community members in the U.S along with other Nuer sections that I have reinstate my campaign. I want you to prove what you have done in the last election when we won without doubt, but Nhial Dojiok who was supposed to sit neutrally have given our vote to Khon Kueth. This time it will be your last chance to make this happen again widely in the eyes of the public. Please vote for me once again in this election race so that I will assist our Nuer Community both in the U.S and South Sudan for the ongoing changes that I have been talking about.

My message to all Nuer tribe, sub-sections, local community leaders and their members is to support me in my Nuer campaign leadership race. Our Nuer community Development service NCDS was formed many years ago, but yet nothing has been achieved and the changes I was talking about hasn't been fulfilled. If you give me this chance and vote for me in the coming election, you will see the change I am talking about in less than two years.
Below are my top ten proposals or things I would like to do as a leader if you vote for me in the upcoming election later this year.

A. If you elect me as the NCDS chief of staff in the coming election, I will build a Nuer tribe cultural center that will be the NCDS headquarter in one proposed State to bring Nuer sub-clans together. In this Nuer Head Quarter Center, I will have all the Nuer local section leaders to have their offices set therein.

B. As a Nuer Community chief of staff, I will open the ESL classes for Nuer women and all Nuer old ages to learn how to fill job applications and improve their ESL reading standards. The Nuer men and women who are illiterate can learn from there and may be able to help their kids for homework and after school readings. This process will also help our children to learn our culture heritage and the activities that Nuer People are up to. Many of our Nuer children are now stuck in doing their homework, due to parents having limit level of education.

C. I will make sure the population of Nuer people in the United State is well counted and placed in my Nuer executive database record. Knowing our population can help tracking down on how the budget of the organization can be calculated. Tracking our population can also help us get funds in the government when I register the organization as a nonprofit corporation after you elected me. The same procedure will facilitate the NCDS leadership in many activities that I have desire to establish during the services.

D. If you elect me as the NCDS chief officer, I would like to build the same Nuer Community Centers in each of Nuer county in Nuer land where commissioner of that county is Nuer man. This will be one of my priority and not only that, but I will also make sure the NCDS build in each county one elementary school, one clinic, and one feeding center for children whose their parents were killed in Nuer tribal wars or in South Sudan struggle. The same feeding center can also help Nuer elders to get early meal before noon times.

E. If I get elected as NCDS chief, I will make sure my administration has build unbreakable relationship with city police, city council leader as well as Mayor, State senators ,attorney generals of each State and Labor Union leaders in every State where Nuer people live. I will make sure the Nuer people have someone within the American government to help them when situations arise. Prior to the an ongoing economic crisis, people losing jobs due to misjudgments or miscommunication; there for, I will make sure all crimes against my people Nuer will be Overlook by the State attorney general. Also there will be NCDS branch office in conjunction with immigration office to help my people filling their citizenship papers.

F. As the NCDS chief executive officer, I will make sure my administration have collects all Nuer children whom are now homeless and reside under the bridges across the country. My office will hire an immigration defense lawyer to help them get their documents and assist to deport those who cannot establish their life back here in the US to South Sudan. I will also make sure those who are in jail are checked each month, and ensure that their cases are legitimate and no one is incarcerated unjustifiably.

G. If I get elected as the NCDS chief, I will make sure this crazy marriage oversea that we involved into can be overlook again. Many people including myself were married under the decision that was taken by our parents who are now lives back home. Now that crazy marriage does increases the problems or fueling it in our Nuer society. Nuer men who have already married and those who may follow up our footsteps, who lived here in Diaspora, need to think twice before getting into that business. I will make sure I will address that issue seriously to any NCDS conference held when we have once.

H. If you vote for me and win the election, I will address the HIV AID issue to all young Nuer girls and boys lives in Western World as well as single men and women to be aware of such significant issue. I will make sure single mothers have understood the disadvantage of such bad disease and I will also address many other sicknesses that are occurring this time in this world. My administration will make sure we deliver this message to Nuer people to help protect themselves from those kinds of sickness.

I. Finally if I am elected as the NCDS chief executive officer, my administration will have unbreakable relationship with all Nuer tribe religious leaders around the country. I will work very close to them and ensure that these spiritual leaders are the best part of my administration. They will be the ones to perform counseling and family settlements as well as parts of community advisors. I will make sure the NCDS relationship with churches leaders is well established because it is very important.

These are my proposal my community men and women. I hope you have now gain the knowledge of most parts of why I want to run for Nuer community leadership. I will look forward to your vote in the coming election.

Thank you very much in advance.

Mr.Brown Both Bol
Candidate for the Nuer Community Development Services (NCDS ) U.S.A chief officer
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The Mr.Brown Both Bol reinstatement of campaign!
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