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 Political circumstances in the Southern Sudan moves in circle and it does not in motion as the crow flies effectively.

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Ker Biel

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Political circumstances in the Southern Sudan moves in circle and it does not in motion as the crow flies effectively. Empty
PostSubject: Political circumstances in the Southern Sudan moves in circle and it does not in motion as the crow flies effectively.   Political circumstances in the Southern Sudan moves in circle and it does not in motion as the crow flies effectively. I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 14, 2009 11:04 am

Political circumstances in the Southern Sudan moves in circle and it does not in motion as the crow flies effectively.

By: Ker Biel Gach Ruey

The political responsibility depends on the interest and weaknesses based on the different emotional biased zones. Most of the time, this sad policies appears when the job needs to be done and the negative push up occurs in the middle of road towards to the willing of the officials . The CPA as the main objective to all Sudanese has not even had a match with Omar Assent El Bashir’s warrant. The warrant itself is strongly and will never be disappeared on Bashir’s regime until the world knows that South-North crisis all get involving in that warrant.

To deal with this issue, the political stages between North and South must move beyond active resolution to bring up all ground tactics and allow the chance of charge on Bashir. South Sudan Democratic Forum (SSDF) which is a strong political party in the South Sudan refused any aims against Southern Sudanese strength of character. It builds the variety and motivation to make the communities in the South stay in trust to be able to work together. Moreover, SPLM has aims and interest in it which is associated with political destruction of Khartoum to the South. That politics is recognized by all Southern Sudanese Civilians and with their educators who stood up for change.

South Sudan communities need to be respected by ruling party

In the long run civil war which took 21 years in Sudan as a whole, South Sudan communities are still being ignored by GOSS about their values and beliefs. For example, the Southern Sudan communities have never had any visitors from central GOSS. The government of South Sudan for eternity comes on behalf of SPLM chapters. Based on experiences for incorporation that the ruling party has been doing for so long, it alerts everyone in Southern Sudanese communities to know that the country is under a group of people who are pedestal based on their interests.

The South Sudan Democratic Forum (SSDF) has tried to bring all southern Sudanese in the real significance to know their way towards the social development system. SPLM’s failure to unite the communities makes difficult to economic situations and promotional programming for social services. According to these situations, the hardest cause of this standing is behind the future of south Sudan. And if the people of Southern Sudan will never be getting widely enough to be sure for everything that obliterated the traditional perspectives that might be misplaced.

As many people who witnessed the SPLM political occupation of the South, know that there will be no success. Because the SPLM runs back and forth to play it’s empowerment around the South where there is no one trying to deny their demolition. However, today, the majority of people in South Sudan have recognized the SSDF progressing process. Even SSDF leaders have been acknowledged for the Southern Sudanese approach to democratic vision for the long term building of the justice and equality from now onwards.

Information to all Southern Sudanese (Diasporas) for ICC

SPLM as the ruling party in the South has not even organized the steps of showing the facts in the situation. The president of Sudan‘s warrant indictment for genocide of Darfur is in the world attention, Southern Sudan’s problem has been neglected because the GOSS does not make the effort to indicate its position on the state of affairs. The war of Sudan that took 21 years has been against the people of Southern Sudan. The International criminal Court who failed to capture the Omar Assent El Bashir, also failed to recognize more than two and a half million people that lost their lives in war.

The people are not burly to support that warrant at this movement for the term of the CPA. But, in fact, the CPA has nothing to do with that warrant because the indictment of genocide basis on the criminal code of world of criminal charges. The warrant is only on the president of Sudan while the CPA is still under all Sudan royalty.

Some leaders in Sudan intends to support the warrant by refuted the reality from ICC. The political capability interacted with the suffering of people who have lost their hopes for the future generation to realize the difference between the warrant and CPA. Omar’s warrant for Darfur genocide and war crimes in South Sudan, yet numbers of people have known his military forces and dirty regime which he has been running for several years.

The political bureaucratic in the South, accordingly, doesn’t show a sense of development due to these following.

1. CPA was signing for the unity between North and South Sudan has nothing to do with the warrant of Bashir because warrant basis on him

2. SPLM political stages between north-south remain unknown for no significant benefit to the south.

3. The GOSS failed to inform every official to build their home not to take money from country out of the country

4. SPLM locks other politicians who stand strong for Southern Sudanese development and economic strategies like Lam Akol who remains as a hero like other southern Sudanese

5. GOSS mission in North America failed to cooperate with Southern Sudanese just intends to visit only on SPLM chapters

6. Insecurities are still not being solved

7. Election is excited the SPLM rather than the CPA

8. Dr. Riek and Pagan work clearly but the system of SPLM hides their works in the South

SSDF identified by all Southern Sudanese but SPLM is the envy

SPLM dominates the other opposition parties by its own concentrations. The acting of collaboration which can bring the Southern Sudanese that has been left unfounded for the reason of underground fight without believable cause brings a corruption. According to this purpose, the SSDF is a larger figure which needs to bring peace and social civilization in the country which will make great relationships with all Southern societies. All Southern societies are very much sure for what is going nowadays in the country’s growing stimulation.

However, the economy design is not falling forward to the worldwide development, ideology and acknowledgement point of view. Because the corruption won the road of development mechanism of the country’s wealth and it will never get a way in the Southern Sudanese new entertainment tradition performance. For expression communality in the long life building in the South and to become incomparable to other countries in the world, will come under SSDF as it does its part since everything has got started.

For the above mentioned, the GOSS needs to think more and closing to be mindful to maintain immediate communication to Southern Sudanese communities in Diasporas. However, SPLM must also be corporative to other parties and forming the positive competency very respectively. Another issue, the GOSS mission has to have energetic ideal to evolve others to its programs.

The author is South Sudan Democratic Forum (SSDF) representative to Canada; you might be reaching him through kerbiel@yahoo.ca and southsudnademocraticforum@live.ca or call 416 737 3228
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Political circumstances in the Southern Sudan moves in circle and it does not in motion as the crow flies effectively.
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