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Lou Nuer Community consist of Akobo, Nyirol and Uror Counties
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 Thank to Thuok Bol and John Kuek!

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Mr.Brown Bol

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PostSubject: Thank to Thuok Bol and John Kuek!   Wed Apr 15, 2009 6:25 pm

To move forward for our Nuer tribe society activities here in this country,I don't think our Nuer societyt will look back and to bring us to 19 century level,I ask you folks to go forward for any reasonable that could help Nuer people in all entire Nationalities we lives in.

I Mr.Brown Both Bol proud to all of you young Nuer people, who show on where to be or what to do for the future of our Nuer,If I will get elected as the Nuer community development Service chief this year,all things you folks have done so far will be promotes and payback will start base on Nuer tribe future you folks already invested,keep shining guys on your people Nuer eyes or faces daily,Nothing will bring Nuer tribe down again if I will be your leader.

Please Mr.Thuok Bol and Mr.John Kuek thank again,Just take my accessories contacts,I will be available from 8:AM to 3:30PM central standard time,also night time beginning at 3:30 PM when I get off work to midmight, will be much more better to discuss issues.


Folks,the NCDS of U.S.A.election now set for May/2nd/2009 in Omaha/Nebraska, at 12:00Noon,and it will last by 6:PM,place or location in the city of Omaha will be air shortly after this note.
Mr.Brown Both Bol
The NCDS chief candidate
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Thank to Thuok Bol and John Kuek!
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