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 Information to others political parties in the South Sudan

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Ker Biel

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PostSubject: Information to others political parties in the South Sudan   Fri Apr 24, 2009 8:33 pm

Information to others political parties in the South Sudan
April 24, 2009

By: Ker Biel Gach Ruey

This is your attention to the political unrest affecting our country up and down leading the way to an unknown trail. The silence of the political parties in south Sudan failed to oppose the unconstructive philosophy of SPLM that makes everything grow widely off the mark. Since the political party’s dialogue was made in Juba in 2008, it seemed it was good to go for development and strategy building for conformity.

However, the failure of other political parties in JINUB (South) to further idealistic which was caused by SPLM political domination brings insecurity, aims and interest in the country. South Sudan Democratic Forum (SSDF) which is the second strongest political party in South Sudan has struggled for everything taking place so inadequately in the country.

According to the information received, it tells other political parties and politicians in the South, who have fought for a better life, that it is time to wake up to be able to work closely and together to persuade peace and knowledge in Southern Sudanese societies. To be familiar with SPLM’s failure to guide the country. Instead it succeeded in being responsible for themselves and themselves only which is known as SPLM success only. It failed to continue the constructed roads, buildings and is not also aware of the insecurities and struggling going on.

The communities in the South are still invading each other, killing many numbers without anyone asking why? The fighting between Murle and Lou Nuer has gone so far, because of no strong responsibility from GOSS, see the recent fights alone caused the deaths of 745 and 177 and that gives the impression that it is simple for the GOSS’s weaknesses. The question for this would be answered by anyone who experienced that he or she is suitable to bring a change. The question says that why are the intellectuals and other political parties politicians doesn’t recognize that it is GOSS‘s fault?

The beginning of Southern Sudanese Unity in which Juba’s declaration was one and the national unity of all Sudanese (CPA) signed in 2005. The insecurities and struggling has never disappeared. Every where in the South, I meant from different places specifically tribes are fighting each other from border to border, for example, Murle attacks, abductions and LRA stealing cattle in the great equatorial East- West and Ethiopia borders faced the same thing. In the Bar–elgazal (in Warrap) heavy fighting has been taking place too, based on the same issue about the cattle raids. How long will the cattle raids or tribal evasion take without the GOSS finding solutions in that particular circumstance?

As you could see a lot of incidents on the media, what reactions and decisions do you think will solve these dangerous conditions? Based on this information, many strong politicians have no way to indicate the veracity due to political reactivity going on between SPLM and other political parties or South-North. To become realistic and heroic to your people is whenever you think positively and work jointly with your partners very closely. However, we have to realize what will be the main object to these entire crises in JINUB (South).

For all Southern Sudanese political parties to be taking care of, watch and contribute well on this process. SPLM is so confused that it has nothing to end up with. Working together is the only positive way that can help the people like we are, to clean up the mess. Failure to accept unity would increase everything against the lives of our people. Therefore, let‘s build strong acknowledgeable and goodwill that wouldn’t permit any such behavior.

SPLM alone has never known its disadvantages unless the political parties in the South to show their strong objectives that avoid unrecognizable SPLM objectives. To stay in fear of SPLM, will take us no longer even the SPLM itself has to be cooperative for not to scare those who tried hard to bring affirmative competency to make our society grow equally. The 2008 dialogue was the one that interacted parties right and started them getting to have a voice in the political approach to share or work collectively hand in hand.

Today, as you know that you are a Southern Sudanese, who doesn’t like the people to kill each other with no reason, please try to help and fight for volatility in our homeland.

The information depends on how well you understand it because it tells the fact that our political parties in Southern Sudan have to be active. Even though the SPLM tries along the road to assist the communities with good visions, they must move beyond their expectations. The insecurities and struggling of our people needs to be stopped as soon as possible, despite other elements that got evolved in the problem, they still have options to win the challenges. Think of what is happening day and night that has shocked our people and all their tears finished to tear down. What are we thinking of, if we don’t see this dangerous situation going on and on?

The author is South Sudan Democratic Forum (SSDF) representative to Canada; you can reach him @ kerbiel@yahoo.ca or southsudandemocraticforum@live.ca
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Information to others political parties in the South Sudan
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