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 Southern Sudan New Development will come through hard working and maintaining positive a relationship

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Ker Biel

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PostSubject: Southern Sudan New Development will come through hard working and maintaining positive a relationship   Mon May 11, 2009 7:40 am

Southern Sudan New Development will come through hard working and maintaining positive a relationship

By: Ker Biel Ruey

The stability comes through peace and development. There is no peace coming without it being built by the people. Even the development of the country can be if the people work together, however this article advices all Southern Sudanese nationwide to wake up and become involved to move forward close enough to see how things work from now on. To be able to judge and know the significance of the problem that makes the people weak and unwilling for the coming future. Juba as city of Southern Sudan has become a place of merchandizing to the whole world but they do not attempt to elevate the sense of development to the people of the South, instead they keep the benefit rather than keeping their promise the south.

From 2005 to 2009, the development of Southern Sudan worked differently in the States. The States have very strong fights, and do such things as cattle raids and stealing the cattle along the borders and several attacks, abductions to prevent the peace and encourage growth to the country some States have started to achieve their goal and others have not even tried to rebuild any single one.

The president Kirr who was recently honored with a Doctorate Degree did not do any thing. Meaning that according to how Southern Sudan looks and the budget that we have seen when it was reported showed the fact that Mr.Kirr has done nothing. But be careful when you read I’m what I’m writing, if you have seen the above line is and not necessarily a fact, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t do anything at all, just that he is making his mind and also it in using different ways of his leadership judgments. Therefore we need to work cooperatively as brothers, Sisters, friends and colleagues because we are all one people and as a people we should stick together. Those are just as citizens as you are.

When will we be able to establish that (unity) strongly, there will be no tribalism and corruptions basis in GOSS? Listen, without tribalism or corruption in the south, that it might become more beautiful in the future; it needs us to commit ourselves on the unity. We must be realistic to fulfill the requirement of our people, and the goal that the world searches for in it’s expectation of our people. The development is not major offices like offices of ministerial and others stronger organizations or Governors and commissioners offices, but it is how to bring the nation together, equally and fairly.

1. One nation would be brought together through hard work, and by avoiding tribalism.
2. The government is for the people, therefore must act actively for its people without unreasonable accusations of innocent civilians.
3. Government must be the government when it knows all that goes on in his country, whether it is violence, community development such as local, social assistance, or youth programs.
4. The Nation would be a nation when it takes action co-operates with them.
5. There is no way the government should judge the people according to the tribal groups but should rather encourage unity and peace among the tribes.

Based on these stages, I ask my readers to read very carefully in order to understand the wisdom of harmony, development and equality. Southern Sudan still has long way to go with severity, unless the GOSS understands what a united community means. If the GOSS really wants to see its people with great credibility, then should not be misunderstandings between GOSS and the civilians. Because the civilians have trusted and believed the GOSS act, and the system of Southern Sudanese people with government becomes widely explicable. Because there is failure from GOSS which is lead by SPLM, nothing would be achieved until the names that chronicling in the people minds clean out (tribal names disappear and form the new life as people of South).

South Sudan Democratic Forum (SSDF) works very hard to bring results, and that the SPLM has not done and not instigated positively. According to all southern Sudanese understanding on behalf of SPLM leadership, they already know that SPLM aiming to lead Sudan while the SSDF aims to separate south from Sudan and becomes a leader of it.

Just see the differences between SSDF and SPLM in the South Sudan leading to be actual country and its people become more intelligence from their lives.

SPLM Weakness SSDF discretion correction against SPLM
1. Failure to unite 1. Strongly trying to unite the South
2. Failure to assist good health care 2. Struggling to bring fair health care
3. Failure to organize people of South 3. aiming to be South forever
4. Failure to separate people from North 4. actual separatist
5. Failure to stop corruption 5. Struggling to avoid corruption
6. Failure to stop insecurity 6. Strongly against insecurity
7. Failure to stop tribalism 7. Strongly against injustice
8. Failure to promote development 8. Promote any sense of development
9. Failure to work with other parties 9. Fair competency to bring change
10. Failure to recognize Omar’s warrant 10. Against the warrant
11. Failure to unite the south 11.Works to unite people of S...
12. Failure to act strongly with fair acting 12. Acts fairly and respectively
13. Failure to stop LRA attacks or steal cattle 13. Against insecurity
14. Failure to build social services 14. Fulfilling the community’s need
15. Failure to bring equality and justice 15.Brings justice and equality
16. Failure to build Juba and States 16. strongly to build South
17. Failure to bring change 17. Work strong to bring change
18. Failure to employ people fair 18. Treats the people fair at work
19. Failure to build roads and houses 19. Strongly struggling to build R&H
20. Failure to pay soldiers 20. Against unfairness
21. Failure to work cooperatively 21. Strongly to work collectively
22. Failure to employ educated people 22. Put the people to work
23. failure to build school and hospital 23.Struggling to school and hospital
24. Failure to integrate non SPLM to work 24. Works jointly with others
25. Failure to support diasporas communities and so on 25.Work closely to all diasporas

As Southern Sudan citizens you will be working through this by understanding how and why? We are now in the middle of the road, and we have taken sometimes without anything to do. We have failed to promote the development and stop insecurities against innocents and others citizens working on behalf of others.

However, the social development and the political reactivity don’t match, therefore development basis on acknowledgement. We have to be careful to fight for our success while we know that we are people of the South and will be Southerners forever. There will be no more confusion again; misleading has ended since the CPA signed in 2005. The only thing we would have to do is to know the weakness of SPLM and work strongly to bring our people together.

In conclusion, the development of the South will be functioning when the SSDF takes the leading over. Or whenever the people of South realize that development comes through hard work, unity and peace. Let‘s know every member has power and the way in which he or she brings development to the country. We must work confidentially while we know that being success is not far, it is near for everyone of us. The GOSS will focus more and work through peace and development. Today, we need our people to belief the reality rather than using negative ideology that makes to end with zero.

God bless you all!

The author is South Sudan Democratic Forum representative to Canada; you can reach him @ kerbiel@yahoo.ca or southsudandemocraticforum@live.ca
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Southern Sudan New Development will come through hard working and maintaining positive a relationship
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