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 Murle Strike in Yuai this afternoon.

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PostSubject: Murle Strike in Yuai this afternoon.   Tue May 19, 2009 12:54 pm

I just finish talking with some one in Waat a while a go. He informed me that Murle striked today and took the cows of three chiefs in the area of Yuai. He said he is going to tell me more details about it tomorrow. Stay tune.


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PostSubject: Re: Murle Strike in Yuai this afternoon.   Wed May 20, 2009 10:29 pm

Some details about two attacks by Murle which took place few days ago could be found on this article below.

By Thon Philip Aleu

May 20, 2009 (BOR) – At least 27 people died and 34 injured on Tuesday when raiders attacked 3 cattle camps in Uror County, Jonglei State, officials say.

Dinka cattle moving back to Bor from Central Equatoria State despite drought in their homeland to avoid troubles with agrarian local communities (photo Ph Thon) Tut Nyang, Uror County SPLM Secretary told reporters today Wednesday here in Bor town that Murle attackers raided Chual, Juat and Payai cattle camps there early Tuesday killing 17 people and wounding 34 others. 10 bodies of the raiders were later discovered as the fighting continue toward Pibor’s territory - Murle area, he claimed.

Between 15,000 and 20,000 cattle are on run with raiders as rescuing youths from Uror still fighting the rustlers. A satellite phone call to Uror villages last night confirmed that the clashing is continuing in efforts to return the cattle, Mr. Nyang says.

Uror Commissioner Gatluak Reath Kuily, who also confirmed the attack in his County, is due to address a press conference late Wednesday in Juba where he will plead government intervention to end the crisis.

Tuesday attack in Uror comes 4 days after similar incidents claimed lives of 4 children in Thol, Nyirol County. Murle tribesmen were also blamed for the children’s abduction which ended horribly when the abductors slaughtered them in the bush. Their bodies were founded with knife scars.

4,000 cattle were also looted in Thol May 15 raiding.

Intertribal raiding surged this early year in Jonglei with cattle rustlers from Murle carrying out series of attacks on Lou Nuer Counties. At the beginning of February, 2009 about 46 people from Lou Nuer Counties were killed by Murle criminal.

In March, 2009 Lou Nuer responded by attacking Pibor areas including Murle’s second largest town of Likuagule. A disputed 750 people died on both sides in those clashes ending mid March, 2009. In April this year, Murle men attacked villages in Akobo County killing scores of people and displacing thousands to Akobo town.

UN fears the Internally Displace Persons (IDPs) faces isolation as rainy season might cut-off relief items.

South Sudan has deployed SPLA forces in the areas of tribal conflicts in Central Equatoria, Jonglei and Upper Nile States. Citing South Sudan vice President as the source, the home press says the army has being given orders to disarm the civilians as well as taking measures to avoid further tribal clashes.

In Jonglei capital Bor last week, commissioners, chiefs and intellectuals from five Counties of Duk, Uror, Nyirol, Ayod and Twic East sealed a peace deal to end hostilities. Pibor County, where Murle hail, was not included in the talks but underground process have already started to bring Lou Nuer and Murle to a round table. If a peace is reached between Murle and Lou Nuer, only dishonoring of the agreements will be the next fear, analysts say.
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Murle Strike in Yuai this afternoon.
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