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 This message was banned out from Lou Nuer forum network. Caution to read it!

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Peter R. Gatkuoth

Number of posts : 35
Registration date : 2008-12-28

PostSubject: This message was banned out from Lou Nuer forum network. Caution to read it!   Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:03 pm


Please do not embarrass yourself in the media. If it comes to you and me you are nothing in our community, and I can't even compete with you in any positionbecause if I do, that would be an embarrassment to myself. It could be me that could convince people that you are part of the community. If I would not say ( e raan dan) no one would ever think or know who you are. It's through me that you become a member of Nyirol.

The family that you talk about is something that you can not touch because Lou know Juet Jock Kuenywhar more than your father; and they know me more than you. Believe me, Mr. liar, if things get serious in Lou, you may think of finding your root where I would remain there fore ever. I'm not an in-law like you in our family. You are Reat Gatkuoth who? From my third name, Lou can pick it up from there to KANG-E-DOWDOW. Remember this quote, "Don't ever try to make your Masters angry."

Reat, Lou are witness to this, and I am sure you will never go to Nyirol. You are just living in big illusions. I'm confident on myself and let's just wait patiently. Claiming who is known and who is not known is just your wish of if you can be known. Equating your self with me is just a surprise to many, Mr. my cousin's son-in-law.


Dear Wany Juet Jock Kuenywhar (Kuenywhar????????),

I am totally disenchanted with your writting as if you may hold anything in Nyirol county. The time you were selling Onions,sugar and salt in Malakal and Waat at your father's shop, other people were suffering of defending Lou Nuer at the areas you claim. Let me vindicate it to you that your family Chiengkuenywhar are just dogs brought to the route. I have never heard anything being done by your father Juet Jock than selling Onions and run after women and acoholic in Waat, Father like sons, brother like brothers. I would not worry about your education because I can just engage your with thousads of battles of wines with more than twenties women in different villages while heading to the men's game. Acoholic degree are nothing. You can perhap get it, but your pen will fall into the wine. Father like sons, brother like brothers.

Kuenywhar by itself indicate that your father were brought somewhere and I am happy that you are there as a part. let me brief you of history of how the people of today became existent in the home we called home. It was not year ago when the family of chien-tiang were a part of Chieng-yoal where they came as far as ADok. The Nang which we used to polite the girl with is the name of small river or be it others. They are part of Dok of Bentiu and therefore, they came and they become apart of our Lou Nuer of today. Without their present in Lou Nuer, Lou Nuer would have been weak. Cheintiang have many people connected to the family and you may not know that because you and your family have been displaced by the people.

When your father used to sell Onions, sugar and salt in Waat; other people of Chientiang were rulling the family. You can tell me who among the family of Chieng-kuenywhar has done what. Isn't from Chieng-kuony, Cie-nyueny, cie-doap,......etc or onward whose their names are known as hero and veteran members. Well, Wany! my name is Peter Reat Gatkuoth Both Raan..... If the family of Chieng-tiang come from that route of Nuer, does it matter if the real tiang family came 60 years ago, and other came after, excluding you because your grand father were a lost young boy of padang whom Kuony Goal found lingering around and looking for shell to eat in the current Biier and Nyalili. He was made as a servant to take care of the great family works. Have you forget when your father concieved a girl from Chie-chad Kuooth, then cheing-chad attack the chieng-tiang family. What did Nguath Kuony said? Nguoth Kuony said Chieng-tiang can not waste their time fighting the cause of Jang. He said it was waste of time to fight your dad's cause.

Why being welcome by Chieng-yoal and then Chieng-lang? Isn't the current family of Chieng-puol and chieng-dumien who welcome our grand parents and then said that you must be a part of the family. Wany, I do not want to disappoint other Tiang family for you. You and your like brothers have never paid any contribution when the tax is being demanded.

Given to your family background as you stated, you have displaced Chuang Kuenywhar to Akobo for you are very disorganized family who are always thirsty of materials' gain. You can claims the Kuenywhar family but can any one stand behind you? The time you came to Canada, your uncle Wiyual Chuang went to Addis Ababa, you did nothing to help him and he return by selling their family cows to come back to the refugee camp. What can you do to Lou Nuer community if you failed to help your brother. When you were in Kenya, you almost died while your brother were in USA. What family are you claiming than claiming yourself as Wany. I thought you can thank me for I brought you the golden satan, your brother whom I helped when his resettlement form was through to garbage bin. I was the one renewing it by writting the apology letter thinking that Lou Nuer members has certain important role to play even if it will be gossip or betraying as he does dailly.

Wany! if we go by who did what; my contribution in Gaatbaal, Lou Nuer society is much more recognized before we go to the route you were talking about. I have contributed by engaging myself in War with those who aim to ruins our lou Nuer family heritage. I contribute in the time you were selling Onions, sugar, charcoal ..etc in Waat and malakal while I were protecting Lou Nuer with stones and ideas in the refugee camp. What have you done? I struggle harder to get resettlement forms to those who wish to come before I struggle to come to Canada and therefore they are the brothers whom you called brothers and dirtifies today, isn't this a ridicule!

Ask your family if you don't know that Peter fought people in the area of Nyirol to protect the people and properties such as hospital facilities. It was not long ago that when the MSF said they will not delivery the medicines to langkien because your masterminded engine has looted medicine and satelite. I was fighting the people who came to destroy the hospitals for five days in Feb 10 -15/ 2000 and he was recruiting people who can take his medicines and hospital materials to Akobo and then Tirgole for sale. Wany! when you tried to use gun, you turn your bullet to one of Lou Nuer known person claiming that we were given an order. The blood is still red in your hand. What other did you do than engaging after old women and wine? Father like sons and brother like brothers.

In year 2000, I found many problems being caused by your like uncle. He was chased a way from Akobo because he ruin the society of Akobo; betraying and making each others to collide by doing gossip activities. It took the Akobo resident to realize who is doing th trick. After being known, he was dismised and run to langkien. A letter was written after him telling Lou Nuer society to watch out for this bad onions because Lou Nuer family is one. Any Kuenywhar members is a bad onions in Lou Nuer society believe me or not but you are important when it come to the population count.

You have stated that your father is known, yes he is indeed known as womenizer, and seller. What have he done in Lou Nuer society, tell me? He never been a chief or never been an important person in Chieng-tiang family. Does that mean if he is running after malakal and Waat as trader, than people should call him an important person? For myself and you, you can not compare yourself with me Wany. I have done a wonderful job in my younger age and therefore, some people are creditting me for such a work. Even today when Lou Nuer are having a problem with borders and neighboring counties, I tried my best to intervene and brought evident to light through articles that Lou Nuer are the victims. Anyway, I can not tell you how I involve because you and the like brothers can run and tell the other communities my tasks because your aim is to dirtifies myself so that you have room.

You are saying that you can not compete with me. That is true and a fear by itself. Wany! let me assure you that I will be your leader from the county you thought is your house without others to the region. If you tries to compete with me, I would be glad to see you but you can't try it believe me or not. I know among the family of Gaatbal who can compete with me. Lou Nuer know who can do what! Would it not be embarrass to us if we select you to run the county or region? You will never be a county leader and so to the others Chieng-kuenywhar people.

Don't you think you the Chieng-kuenywhar are embarrassing people too when it comes to leadership issues. How many people declared their candidacies when the county leadership come up. People who never think of others people in the county can say they can lead. I can just make you collide with you brothers to compete each others and come to take it after you become exhausted to each others. Look, your chieng-kuenywhar are not the family who can bring you up again because you did nothing to them.

If I sit without involving in Gaatbal affair, you can feel the heat while I be enjoying sitting in my chair. I am the one who will say "e raan dan not you." Let go and see in the Gaatbaal areas. What third names do you talking about? third name of the lost padang boy or the third name of who? Tell me what the Kuenywhar mean as the name mean something in Nuer history? Wany, its because I do not want to embarras myself infornt of my colleagues and people whom I will share the same objective with. You are right because you don't know who I am. you will learn me when time come. If you are really thinking to compete with me, time is approaching for me. My only schedule to live in North America is from Dec 11/2001 - Dec 11/2015. I will join force to bring you down with your like brothers who aim to divide Lou Nuer young people. You will find me anywhere and you know me too that we share one family in our mother side.

Peter Reat Gatkuoth

Edmonton, Alberta

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Peter R. Gatkuoth

Number of posts : 35
Registration date : 2008-12-28

PostSubject: Re: This message was banned out from Lou Nuer forum network. Caution to read it!   Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:32 am


This is unfortunate!!!

In your right mind, where did you leave the people you assambled in Dec. as Baal Community in which your wife is a vise president? For how long have you been out of LouNuer Community? If Lou people would point fingers to who destroyed Lou Community in Alberta/Canada, you will be the first one for real.

You know what! People in Canada are very democratic, so you cannot make yourself a leader on your own and expect other people to be placed under you by force. This reveals that you are nuts and leaderships-hungry. How dare would an intellectual man accuse people who would never make him their leader?

The same fundraising party that you sabotaged last night was how fund was rais for the victims of Murle mass killing of Akobo County residents last year that resulted in about $20,000, and that amount was send to the survivors where you even refused to donate a loonie. It's also the LouNuer Union of three counties that transported LouNuer students who were death-threatened in Ethiopia months ago; where were you then? Anyways lies are short lived, and I hope there could be a real convention where you destructors would be singled out.


Wany Juet,

I am not the man of media alike. For the issue of Baal, many people who came along way from Ontario came to settle our differences as Gatbaal people because you run away with the money and denied others in the Baal community/county. You have refused to settle and discussed the issue with us when we get an opportunity to come together. We beg you for many hours and you refused. We sent some members to talk with you and all women agreed that we can talk, but you change the channel after you went to the basement. Do you expected us to stay without anything when you guys said that you don't want us and mentioning some names that we do not want Chuol Wal Chak, Yein lam, Peter Reat, Jack Koang and Ker Biel plus many more?

Deng lam, Chuol Wal, Yien lam, Ker Biel and Kujueet Ngor came as far as from different provinces with their own transport to come and discuss the issue of our home affair. Would you expect them to go back without anything if you guys said that you don't want your brother or Gatbaal people. We wait from 6:00Am until 9:00PM thinking that you guys will think and come to discuss our differences. After Dak Wichar and Kujueet Ngor came back, we acknowledged that you totally refused us because you thought that the money you guys had kidnapped would build a bridge without others Baal family. I am confident that any bridge you build would be used by any one and I do not worry that much if those money should be used by purpose.

The meeting of our family were witnessed by all people and you were the most destructive individuals with your uncle who were a against the unity of Nyirol Community and Lou Nuer community.The good example was in the last meeting when you said at the last that all people must go to counties and then quarrel occurs. I thought you are a sound minded individual but realize after the last meeting of Lou Nuer that you are the one behind the curtain and some one who do not realize the consquences of division. Intellectual minded person would not go with family for family is family and community is community.

You said I was the one fighting against the unity of Lou Nuer; why don't you bring points that made me to destroy Lou Nuer? When the issue of Lou Nuer came up specially about the leadership, I was supporting Thomas Ruach Chuol, John Waat chuol, Gatwech Koch and some many people that they should lead us since we have been the ruling members of the Lou Nuer community in Alberta. My position was that If Thomas Ruach or Gatwech Koch want to lead, let us give tham chance to lead but you guys were against suggestion claiming that we were told that the money were taken by you ( as a family). If you can remember, I objected it and said if Jal Chuol, and his crew took the money, it would not have been considered that the Gon community took the money. The figure should be points to the individuals who lead us and they are the one to depend themselve not the brothers as you claim.

Wany, what are the reasons that allow Thomas Ruach Chuol, Waat Chuol and steven Gatwech Koch to quit the community of Lou Nuer? Isn't because you always mobilized the young men against the old people, insulting them in public and fighting them? Ruach Chuol position was to sit in his house because he don't want to fight young men who regularly attacking him. But after you told people to go to counties, he was waked up by the people that the money were distributed to the counties and therefore we must form the Akobo county. I thought you have a record and prepare for the challenge if you don't have your own record of the issues. I have the list of the long term issues and the short term issues that lead into the division of Lou Nuer community. If the Lou Nuer head chiefs called us today, Thomas Ruach chuol will run away from the issues and Waat Chuol will also denied the case because the immediate cause of the division of Lou Nuer was the case of the money that were distributed in that evenning by John Chuol Bol, Jany yach and John Jal. Follow the event chrologically before you come to the convention if you want to debate with me. I would prepare the face to face challenge than Media debate because we have young men in Africa, Europe and many other countries whom we do not want to lead into such an unbelievable debate.

It was that meeting conducted in Nazarene church when all peole tried to convince you that do not use allegation that "you were told that you eat the community money." After refusing, you guys decided that we will first bring out the money from the bank but in the evenning, you went and distributed the money to the counties without even coming back to the public whom you mislead by 'telling them that we are going to bring the money." $11 000 were distributed into the counties but we kept quite because we know that counties are for Lou and if those money went to the development, it should be the same to the money used by the general community whom you have abundant.

Wany, I never dreamt to run for the leadership of the Lou Nuer community in Alberta. You may be a witness when you always run for the secretary of Lou Nuer Community. Have you ever heard me saying that I want to run? I did not make myself a "leader by my own" as you claim. It is the people who made me to be the Deputy chairman. If this is the thing that made you to direct your figure to me than the way you used to insult me parably, I would totally like to object such a claim. We called all Lou Nuer to come togather and nominate whoever they want. It wasn't a leadership issue Wany that made Lou Nuer to ran to the counties. It was you and your uncle who copy the strategies of your relatives who almost destroyed the community of USA. You also stated that I am "nuts and leadership-hungery." Are you familiar of your said or you are under the influence of something (A) while writting? Lou Nuer whom you blindfold knew us all. They knew my role and no one would ever point his/her figure that Peter Reat Gatkuoth Both could be the destructor of this community.

For the issue of contribution, are you trying to borrow the contribution of individual's credit or you talking of yourself because even in the family contribution whom we share at the time, you never put coins in the plate. When the contribution issue come, you always take your pillow and sleep while people are in the discussion sessions. I thought you can tell people yourself that you are the most lover of the money.

The Lou Nuer community in Ethiopia will tell you if they are the participant of this board and not me. We the four people including Myself (Peter Reat), Samuel Hoth Dak, Paul Ruot Yol and John Chuol Bol whom you guys used now to dirtify his credit send Gatluak Machar to school. We paid every year for his school and he graduated in the university. Did we asked you at the time to why you do not send any one to school in Lou Nuer community? We did not send Gatluak Machar to school for our own benefit but for the benefit of our community. Have you educated any one among the Lou Nuer sons rather than your family member whom I doubt you can help too?

Last yeara ago, nine people were arrested in Ethiopia and I myself, Peter Reat Gatkuoth send $200 dollars for their release. Did I asked you why you did not contribute and would you do that to the other family who are a bit distant from cheing-kuenywhar since you only see things in family level than the communal base?

For your information, I never been out of Lou Nuer community but I know that its your plan as your educational background taught you that its good to hate your people and plan to isolate them if possible. In fact I always do not like the basement activities where people engage in acoholic activities for I have a dream to pursue. My objective is to do what I can educational and I could not prefer to do those things (Acoholic engagement). If that is what you said that some people are isolated, well you must be true for I do notmlike to be acoholic and the fact indicated that you hate people and the good example is the issue of Nyirol people.

Isn't you who said that "we the Chien-tiang are good number in America and we do not need other people while you do not know that some individual contributed into bringing people to North America." The family you always claim and blindfold are my blood brothers who will tell you to shut up one day or in the few years to come. Its me who do not want to play politics in our family. You the chieng-Kuenywar thought that you are the masterminded individual, but you are hurting yourself unknowingly. What do you mean by saying that "how dare would an intellectual man accuse people who would never make him their leader?"

I wasn't sure my friend to what leadership you talking about? If its the leadership of county, we shall see. If I want it today, I will never take about five months campaign or if its the MP, your like brother is running for, I would not even need to campaign for it. If its for the community of Nyirol county in Alberta, well its your right because your confused my people, my brothers and I do not want to confused them with tribal politics since politics is a dirty game. You may take them today, but you can't hide thm and when time comes for the family to see their own mess, you will left hanging there and the true will reveal itself.

I do not hate you and I will never isolate you for my education taught me to love people and not to hate them. It is also my character to love people and all the Lou Nuer who happen to live with me know me that Peter Reat Gatkuoth love to play game with other people in politics and not the Lou Nuer sons. I am Like Koang Banypiny whom you know (blood in your hand). For the issue of fundraising, what can we do if you told us that you do not want us in your activities? Can we go by our own ways without the party organizers' invitations and why would we beg you for years?

I am sorry to all Lou Nuer members world-wide for mentioning my own things I have done to the particular people. I have many thing to tell Wany, even about the transportation of the member of Lou Nuer who were threatened, but wish not to talk about because If I have done something to individuals, It may look bad to the person whom I have help individually and in community base.

Wany, I will borrow your statement again that "lies are short lived" and I believe God is the judge and people are the witness of this communal issue. Trust may be thin but it could reveal itself into the largest portion when the time of it come. People whom you share the Lou Nuer Union know the destructive elements and destrctive sub-communities. I would be glad if you may be there in the convention but do you think Lou Nuer educators may think of isolating you even if you are destructor? We can only advise you, for a person change repeatedly. You may be a destructive as you are and as the people know well, but you are still a very important members since you may have a good thing to do to the community in the future, who know?? We do not hate you even if you hate us.....

I also noted today that you were talking that you isolated some members for three years and they choose to play dominance because you do not want them as your number is that much. Aren't you the destrctive person who aim to isolate some Lou Nuer members and what really does the education mean to you wany? An educated man can say "I solated some members" and felt happy for that, what a wonderful phrase?". I am in doubt if you really understand that your words and said are going back to you indirectly. I do not know that if Lou Nuer may be happy to see someone isolating the members of the Lou Nuer community intentionally.

In North America, you can disappear for many months or even ayears without meeting your friends due to your timetable and your own business. Does this mean that you are isolated or the phrase mean something else? Sometimes, your interest may not meet my interest and if I miss not to go to your home to drink an acoholic beverage, does that mean you isolated me while I have my own home and my own ways of sorting things.

Any way my friend, I always avoid debating nonsense issue you raise since you attack me in Lou Nuer forum. I choose not to debate or answer the indirect thing you told me. It is because I just egnore such a things plus the fact that I do not want to disappoint the audiences. Wish you good luck and never think I hate you. You are the one planning to isolate the Lou Nuer members as you always said in your writting. Hope you will success when you put the Lou Nuer intellectuals in your pocket by isolating them...

I would have been respond but busy for other things and notice after 3:30 Am that you have posted some article directly to me. No thank and God will judge you and I.

Peter Reat Gatkuoth
Edmonton, Canada
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This message was banned out from Lou Nuer forum network. Caution to read it!
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