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Lou Nuer Community consist of Akobo, Nyirol and Uror Counties
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 Important announcement for Lou Nuer/all Nuer

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Ker Biel

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PostSubject: Important announcement for Lou Nuer/all Nuer   Tue Apr 20, 2010 7:32 am

Dear all Nuer communities

Great Lou Nuer Community will have fundraising June 19, 2010. All Nuer Sons and daughters who do not sleep day and night for growing the development in Nuer areas are informed to come and support this attractive party. The event, invited all Nuer and Sudanese communities worldwide as well.

 The party will take place in Edmonton, Alberta on the date that indicated above.
 All communities are invited to join or supporting the Great Lou Nuer Community.

The invitation is taking account of all our communities,

 Nasir community
 Maiwut community
 Bentiu community
 Pangak community
 Sudanese Larger community and
 Nuer Larger community
 All Nuer/Sudanese Churches
 Nuer /Sudanese Youth Group Associations
 Nuer/Sudanese Women associations
The great Lou Nuer community today welcomes you with respect of best job you are going to be shown, upon date coming for the party. However, the Great Lou Nuer community notifies you to come and have joyfulness movement. And the community’s cheerfulness has brought it by vital communities listed names above. Stay quality, we will meet there soon.

Ker Biel
Secretary of information and public relations
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Important announcement for Lou Nuer/all Nuer
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