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 The List of candidates and the nominees from the SPLM party in Jonglei

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Peter R. Gatkuoth

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PostSubject: The List of candidates and the nominees from the SPLM party in Jonglei   Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:51 pm

SPLM names Jonglei nominees for April elections

Monday 11 January 2010 02:45.
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By Philip Thon Aleu

January 10, 2010 (BOR) – South Sudan ruling party names 91 party flag bearers for parliamentary seats from Jonglei state for national, south Sudan and state assemblies. All the 5 applicants for the post of governorship are only "ranked" and the final selection is reserved for the SPLM political bureau to decide this week in Juba.

SPLM Electoral College officers organize files containing
The Jonglei State Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) Electoral College nominates for all the 15 seats for national federal) assembly, 28 for south Sudan and 48 for state assemblies. The list includes aspirants for women and party list.

Jonglei Gov. Kuol Manyang Juuk is rank as the favorite to seek election on SPLM ticket pending the party`s top most decision making body – the SPLM political bureau. The other contenders are Chuol Rambang Luoth, George Athor Deng, Ismail Konyi and Duoth Nhial Pec in that order. Among the five interested comrades, the SPLM will nominate one to face other political party/parties' aspirant(s) in April elections.

Speaking to reporters in Bor town today, the chairperson of State SPLM Electoral College, Gatkuoth Tiop Bol, says the four-day party's selection process was fair and transparent. Mr. Tiop calls upon members selected against to remain partisan. He says

"All the applicants are committed and strong SPLM members but we have only 91 seats from Jonglei state."

The team supervisor Norah Zangabeyo earlier says that "they are candidates who made it successfully through the SPLM selection criteria for 2010 elections and we [SPLM] calls on people of Jonglei state to rally behind them."

The nomination exercise was limited to 25-member State SPLM Electoral College and closed to the media.

The list, obtained by the Sudan Tribune, indicates that incumbent parliamentarians beat new aspirants in many constituencies as well as do new faces in some constituencies.

The following are the nominated SPLM flag bearers from constituencies provided beside each name.

National Assembly Geographical (Khartoum)

Michael Chot Lul (Uror), Jacob Duany Waw (Ayod), Nyang Chol Dhuor (Nyirol), Lawyrien Ibon Korlem (Pibor, Pochala), Maker Thiong Maal (Bor), Atem Garang Deng (Twic East, Duk), John Badeng Chan (Fangak), James Gatluak Ruon (Akobo), Kuol Lual Awuol (Pigi South).

National Assembly Party List (Khartoum)

Lual Achuek Lual (Twic East), David Dhil Chol (Ayod).

National Assembly Women List (Khartoum)

Emelda Modi Tombe (Akobo), Munira John Abdelwahab (Pochala), Elizabeth John Kuol Akech (Pigi) and Anna Abyei Wuor (Duk).

Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly (SSLA) Geographical Constituency (Juba)

William Borien Gola (Pibor West), David Aru Irer (Pibor South), Gier Chuang Aluong (Pigi North), Philip Thon Leek (Duk), Deng-tiel Ayuen Kur (Athoc), Michael Makuei Lueth (Bor Central), Benjamin Malek Alier (Bor Gok), James Kok Ruei (Fangak), David Okwer Akuai (Pochala), John Jok Chol (Akobo North), John Luk Jok (Akobo South), Kutin Bayak Gil (Nyirol), Simon Hoth Dol (Uror North), Barnaba Marial Benjamin (Uror South), Deng Dau Deng (Twic East), Timothy Tut Chuol (Ayod North), Paul Gatnor Ruot Bidoi (Ayod South)

SSLA Party List (Juba)

Kuony War Jok (Uror), David Gai Chan Dak (Fangak), Charles Awelo Onyuongo (Pochala) and Maker Deng Malou (Duk).

SSLA Women List (Juba)

June Malek Kuol (Bor), Martha Akuany Deng (Twic East), Angelina Nyamoka Maguon (Fangak), Adeng Leek Deng (Ayod), Elizabeth Nyaluach Tap (Nyirol), Banguot Amum Okiech (Pibor) and Thijin Doyak Chol (Uror).

Jonglei State Assembly Geographical Constituency (Bor)

Maker Chol Adol (Gok North), Philip Thon Nyok (Bor Town), Ezra Mayom Ngong (Gok South), Kuol Bol Ayom (Athoc North), Alier Michael Malet ((Athoc South), Abraham Deng Deng (Pigi North), John Agany Tang (Pigi South), Peter Kuon Yak (Fangak South), Tuong MAjok Deng (Fangak North), Simon Dak Puoch (Ayod North), Nelson Kuany Diu (Ayod South), James Diu Chak (Ayod Central), Kengen Jakor Bayoi (Pibor West), Jodi Jonglei Boyoris (Pibor South), Baba Medan Konyi (Pibor North), Betros Ochala Ojulu (Pochala North), Magret Akule Nyigow (Pochala South), Deng Chol Bei (Akobo North), Stephen Ogut Obong (Akobo South), David Bidit Deng (Akobo Central), Nyang Lul Gai (Nyirol West), Khorhok Gal Gar (Nyirol East), Moses Gatkuoth Lony (Uror North), Samuel Manyuon Giet (Uror West), Hussein Mar Nyuot (Uror South), Dhieu Ngong Gak (Twic East South), Mochnom Wuor Kuany (Duk) and Peter Deng Aguer (Twic East North).

Jonglei State Assembly Party List (Bor)

Peter Wal Athiu (Bor), Lith Aluong (Bor) and James Mayul Thor (Nyirol), Gabriel Gai Riam (Akobo), Peter Chol Wal Wieu (Pigi), Thomas Manyol Riek (Ayod) and Racho Jakin Korok (Pibor).

Jonglei State Women List (Bor)

Apotho Ojulu Okoth (Akobo), Rachael Nyadak Paul (Uror), Rachael Athiek Ruei (Duk), Rebecca Arop Chuang (Pigi), Ajok Gordon Kuol (Bor), Doliep Paul Giel (Nyirol), Sarah James Kun Malual (Fangak), Nyamakal Wau Dieu (Ayod), Elizabeth Deu Aguin (Twic East), Margret Gola Oleyo (Pibor), Sebilla Joseph Duri (Pibor) and Akello Cham Ajou (Pochala).

228 applications were collected from SPLM members for various positions. The competition within the SPLM was steep and this nomination, to many Bor town residents, has ended campaigns leading to April polls quite early. The opposition parties are silent that SPLM assumes winning all parliamentary seats.

The first democratic post-war elections, in accordance to Comprehensive Peace Agreement that end 21 years of war in Sudan, are the first in the South. The former rebel, SPLM, that rules the semi-autonomous south, is still popular and dominant that declared nominees assume responsibilities immediately. However, SPLM candidates will face opposition contenders in April 2010 before preparing the south for referendum in January 2011.
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Tut Makuei reth

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PostSubject: Injury in the Nomination   Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:59 am

Dear My Own People,

Last us be clearr to oursselves as a community who want see further.

I means we can commit avoid our diferences, from the top to the grassroots. Just if you are a Lou real take 2 minutes around 1:00 AM think of what you can do for Lou.

if you are a true Lou man/woman girl/boy let me know or heard you by your hardwork, loyalty, toward Lou community atlarge.

Us other Lou women/men we will not praise you when you divided us or develop Hatred within us, we are sorry for you.

let us develop Sympathy in our communities.

please read and understand this carefully

By: Tut Mkuei Reth
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The List of candidates and the nominees from the SPLM party in Jonglei
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